Literate Housewife ~ Update and What I’m Reading This Week

The past few weeks have been crazy. Up until Friday evening, I hadn’t been home for a week and a half. I opted to drive to Chicago on the 15th for a work conference so that I could bring my daughters with me to celebrate my Grandma‘s life. The hours of driving time were worth it. I got to spend time with my sister, Donielle, in Chicago before heading to Michigan for Grandma’s funeral. We sent Grandma off so very well. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Spring Lake, MI.

St. Marys

After the service and burial, my siblings, our children, and a few of our cousins joined us at North Beach, Grandma’s favorite beach. It was an equally gorgeous afternoon.

North Beach

As exhausted as I was (and really still am), I look back at that time as one last gift to me from Grandma. I got to see, hug, and talk to family and friends.

I’d like to say that life will get back to normal or at least semi normal now, but we’re headed to Williamsburg at the end of the week for a couple of days with my best friend, who will be taking the girls back to Michigan (again!) with them. I’ll be taking another road trip to Columbus the following weekend to pick them up. Then, as schools here start very early, we’ll jump immediately into Back to School season. I’m hoping to catch my breath a little while the girls are gone, but life is going to be hectic until the middle of September. I never thought I’d look forward to the boring routine of nightly homework.

While I very appropriately finished The Good Girl by Mary Kubica in Chicago, that was all the reading I got done while I was away. Last night I picked up The Book of You by Claire Kendal and started reading. I picked this book up last year in Vero Beach, FL when I was visiting Anita from Anita Loves Books. I’m in a psychological thriller kind of mood. I take the dust jacket off when I read. The cover itself has nothing other than the man’s profile on it. Creepy! It’s early days, so we’ll see how this one lands.

Cover of The Book of You

Until Saturday, I hadn’t listened to an audiobook in 10 days. I hope to never break that record. I came back home and did some work outside Saturday and got reacquainted with The Last Bookaneer by Matthew Pearl. This book ended a long Simon Vance dry spell (six months!) and I’m also enjoying the story. I’m just over half way now, so I’m also contemplating what to listen to next.

Cover of The Last Bookaneer

So that’s my life in a nutshell. I would love to promise I’ll be a more prolific blogger, but it may take some time to get back into the swing of things. I do hope that you are all enjoying your summer and are getting some excellent reading in. Is there anything you’ve been enjoying that I should keep my eyes on?

Monday Mini ~ The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory

MondayMini3Getting back into the swing of things each week is hard. So is finding the quiet time to write a review over the weekend. In order to ease out of the weekend, I’ve decided to begin my blogging week with a mini review.

I have read more Philippa Gregory since I started this blog than any other author. The King’s Curse is Gregory’s sixth book in the Cousins’ War series. While there have been some books in this series that I’ve very much enjoyed, I admit that I am suffering from some Plantagenet burn out. That’s why it took me a while to decide to start listening to this audiobook. Had it not been for narrator Bianca Amato, I still may not have read this book. Do you ever get burned out by a subject, an author, or a time period?

The King’s Curse by Philippa GregoryCover of The King's Curse
Touchstone ~ September 9, 2014 ~ 624 pages
Simon & Schuster Audio ~ Bianca Amato ~ 24 hours 11 minutes

The King’s Curse tells the story of Margaret Pole, the daughter of George Plantegent and niece of King’s Edward IV and Richard III. The novel begins after the rise of the Tudors, at a time when ties to the beloved Plantagenent kings made Margaret and all of her family a danger to Henry VII. To keep the Plantagenent’s down, Henry VII first had Margaret’s brother imprisoned in the Tower and then executed. Margaret was married to a Sir Richard Pole, a night loyal to the Tudor family. Her life was a constant struggle to survive the Tudor Court.

As someone who has loved and devoured Tudor history, there was nothing about this story that was unfamiliar to me. I’ve read many novels where Margaret Pole played a role, but this was the first where her point of view was front and center. I found that refreshing as she was an interesting woman at the center of both Henry VII and Henry VIII’s reigns. While there are aspects of Gregory’s writing that make me twitchy (constantly repeating character’s relationships with one another, things thought and then spoken repeatedly), the way that she tells stories is addictive. I listened to this 20+ audiobook in under two weeks because I listened at every possible minute. Bianca Amato has made listening to her novels a necessity. Complain about certain aspects as I might, I will keep returning to Gregory like my favorite soap opera as long as Amato is behind the mic.

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