Fingersmith Read-A-Long ~ Chapters 11 – 14

Cover of FingersmithSpoiler Alert: This post and any comments left on this post may contain spoilers from Chapters 1 – 14 of Fingersmith. For those who have read ahead of the schedule, please do not include any information about what happens beyond Chapter 14.

Let’s get started talking about this week’s reading:

This past week did not go at all as I had planned. My time to read was limited and I wasn’t able to finish this week’s reading on time. I’m all caught up now. It sure was a section full of its twists and turns, wasn’t it? I confess to shedding a tear over Sue’s plight. Currently my sympathies lie squarely with her.

1) Maud may have escaped the asylum (at least from Sue’s perspective), but she certainly wasn’t free, was she? Were you surprised to discover who her next jailer would be?

2) We first experienced Mrs. Sucksby’s house at the beginning of the book. How if at all did your impressions of her home change from Sue’s departure to Maud’s arrival?

3) Knowing now who the true mastermind was behind the plot, has your feelings about Gentleman changed? Any guesses as to his future?

4) At the end of her journey into London looking for assistance, Maud ends up right back where she started. What were your thoughts on her escape from the Borough? Do you think she made the right choice when she opted to return to Mrs. Sucksby instead of the place her Uncle’s colleague sent her?

5) At the end of Chapter 13, Maud understands the fullness of Mrs. Sucksby’s plan. At that point, I thought back to all that I knew of Maud and wondered if it was nature or nurture that made her act so harshly to the lady’s maid Sue replaced at the beginning of the story. What are your thoughts?

6) As Chapter 14 returned the narrative to Sue and her incarceration at the asylum, I saw how similar Maud and Sue really are. Certainly they were both being held against their will, but they both were extremely sheltered. Maud was very knowledgeable about her Uncle’s manor and livelihood, but her knowledge there could not be used once she left his estate. Sue knew the ins and outs of the Borough, but she knew nothing outside of it. I had never thought of a thief as someone who could be naïve before. What are your thoughts now about the characters of Maud and Sue?

Thanks again for participating in this read-a-long with me. I can’t wait for next week when we’ll know who wins and loses in this dirty game!

Fingersmith Read-A-Long ~ Chapters 6 – 10

Cover of FingersmithSpoiler Alert: This post and any comments left on this post may contain spoilers from Chapters 1 – 10 of Fingersmith. For those who have read ahead of the schedule, please do not include any information about what happens beyond Chapter 10.

Let’s get started talking about this week’s reading:

This week I am almost 100% myself. Thank you so much for your good wishes. I didn’t get much of anything done since my surgery, but I was able to complete the reading for this week.  OMG! I couldn’t believe how it worked out to split the book like I did. I picked a specific number of chapters to best evenly distribute the pages to be read each week. I didn’t notice that there were parts and I’m actually glad that I didn’t. It made this week’s reading fascinating (at least for me).

1) How did you react to what happened after the trio left for Maud and Mr. Rivers’ wedding?

1) Mr. Lilly. He makes Gentleman look like a peach in comparison. Could you have ever imagined Maud’s true fate?

2) Knowing about their intimacy first from Sue’s perspective, how did you feel about it from Maud’s perspective?

3)As they both entered into their relationship with the express purpose to betray each other, are they both getting what they deserve with Sue in the mental institution and Maud without the first person to truly mean anything to her since she was brought to her Uncle’s manor?

4) Now we know that Gentleman plotted with both women against each other. What do you think his ultimate plans are? Do you think he will be honorable with Maud? Do you think they consummated their marriage?

5) What are you most looking forward to in the next section of our reading?

6) Is there anything you’d like to discuss that I’ve missed? If so, leave a comment and I’ll add that question here.

Thanks again for participating in my read-a-long. I loved your comments from last week. It’s so much fun reading this with other people. I’m not as far along with the bookmarks as I’d like to be, but I’ve got a couple of weeks left to unveil them. I hope they’ll make a great keepsake. :)

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