#10 ~ Son of a Witch


Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

I cannot say that I liked this book very much. It was a let down after Wicked, that’s for sure. Nothing in this book made me care about Liir; and, so it seems, what happened to the Land of Oz after Dorothy killed the witch. Two burning questions that Liir had throughout this book were answered at the end, but they never seemed like mysteries to me. What occurred is what I believed all along. It seemed to me that Liir is the only person in this world or the other that couldn’t figure it out for himself. One question that I did have ~ what happened to Nor ~ was never answered concretely and that was the only storyline I had any real interest in. Oh well… Macguire must be saving that for the next book. If anyone ever reads it, please let me know. I can’t say that I’m interested enough to find out for myself.

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  • At 2008.10.30 22:52, Fredo said:

    I think that if you look at the series of books becuase i know he has to come out with another book to close up all tight ends which i believe that Tip from the old woman on the road who the boy Tip wanted to be sold to Lirr for the broom. Tip is actually the Ozma returning. The thrid book brings you back Nor and the Grimmrre into the hands of Brrr the lion. And you learn the truth about Mother Yackle which i think is great. Not only that the political information you get more out of this one about the Free State of Munchkinland. I love the thrid story ALOM and i sugest you read it because then you get a great story but in sepearte novels. which i think is a great idea such as Phil Paulmans Golden Compass A subtle Knife and the amber spyglass His Dark Materials. That is also one of my favorite books .. Very like GM and also Susan Cooper. Please Commet on how you think about this if it does persuade you to read A Lion Among Men.

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