Turning Fiction into Film

Whitney from Pop Candy (one of my favorite pop fiction blogs), posted a link to this article that lists 21 books that could make great movies. What do you think about movie versions of books? What elements make for the best translations?

In my experience, I’d prefer to keep to the book. That being said, I love Gone With the Wind’s movie counterpart. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Currently, I’m interested in seeing what will happen with The Other Boleyn Girl. I will go to see the movie no matter what. I just hope I don’t walk out wishing I hadn’t.

Even if you’re not interested in film, you should check out this list anyway for good reading ideas. I’ve only read two of the 21 books myself (Middlesex and The Time Traveler’s Wife). If you’ve read any of the others, let me know. I’d be interested in hearing more about them.

Have a great weekend! I’m off to see The Wiggles with my girls tonight. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m looking forward to it. That Anthony sure is cute and the girls and I love to sing in our own Big Red Car.


  • At 2007.11.09 20:19, judi said:

    i’d love to see a film version of life of pi. i think it could be incredibly beautiful, it felt when i was reading it, like a very cinematic story. i’d like to make known – that i have NOT opened up the list of 21 books yet, so if it’s on there, i’m a genius! haha j/k

    • At 2007.11.09 20:28, Literate Housewife said:

      Actually, that book is NOT on the list. You are right! That would make a beautiful movie. I wonder how that one got overlooked?

      • At 2007.11.10 01:24, b*babbler said:

        Oddly, I’ve never read The Life of Pi, despite having borrowed it several times from the same friend. Odd…

        The problem with some of these books (The Time Traveler’s Wife, Middlesex, etc) is that I see them really being watered down by the 2 hour movie treatment. I think, ultimately, it will end up ruining it for me.

        Anne of Green Gables adaptation – wonderful. 6 hours.
        Pride and Prejudice BBC adaptation – wonderful. 6 hours.

        I think that it really takes that amount of time to do a book justice.

        • At 2012.01.09 21:56, The Other Boleyn Girl: The Trailer said:

          […] leads back to the conversation we had earlier about what makes a movie based upon a movie good. I agree that to do any book worthy of a movie justice that it has to be longer than two to three […]

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