#108 ~ Shrink Rap

Shrink Rap: An Irreverent Take on Child Psychiatry by Robin A. Altman, MD

Shrink Rap is a book that tackles parenting and childhood issues with humor and compassion.  It’s written by Robin A. Altman, a wife and mother who uses her own person experiences to illustrate topics from those more common like childcare, school, travel, and bullies, to those more severe like anxiety, eating disorders, psychosis, and drugs and alcohol.  The fact that Robin is also an amateur comic came in handy to her while she wrote this book.  While her take is irreverent, she is genuine and there is a warmth to her voice and to her writing that I really appreciated.

There are sometimes when I tear myself down as a parent and there are others times when I lift myself up more than I should.  This book encouraged me in areas I felt lacking and humbled me in areas where I might have otherwise boasted.  I think it’s always good to get a reality check, especially if it is delivered with a delightful spoonful of laughter.  I highly recommend this book for any parent.  When there are times where you just have to laugh or you’ll cry, this is the book to pick up.


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  • At 2008.10.13 16:21, Robin Altman said:

    Thanks for the lovely review! I’m so glad you liked it! I really needed this today of all days. I just got home from Boston, where I visited my family for the weekend, and everyone in the house went psychotic while I was gone. Except the dogs. They’re normal.
    That sounds like the making of a story for your next book! Thanks again for sending me a copy of Shrink Rap. I really enjoyed it and will probably be referring back to it often.

    • At 2008.10.13 17:01, bermudaonion said:

      Being a parent’s not easy, so it’s nice when something like this book comes along to give us a little boost.

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      • At 2008.10.13 17:57, serena said:

        I just love the cover of this one. It made me laugh!
        The cover is great and it really sets the tone for the book.

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        • At 2008.10.13 20:47, Shana @ Literarily said:

          Oh, Jennifer, this sounds like a great book. One I need 🙂

          I loved this review. And if Robin’s comment above is any indication of her sense of humor this book should be good for a few laughs or smiles indeed.

          We both have young children and it can be so overwhelming at times. It’s nice to read Robin’s stories because it makes you feel good about yourself as a parent.

          • At 2008.10.14 07:40, Kristen DeDeyn Kirk said:

            We so need to remind ourselves that we do a good job as moms — for the most part! Thanks for telling me about this book.

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