Hollywood Book Club ~ The Cure for Your Post-Divorce Blues

I ran across an article on oneIndia about Gwyneth Paltrow’s advise to her pal Madonna about coping with her post-divorce blues ~ start a book club.  The article is short, so here is a screenshot (click on the link above to go to the actual article):


What I find interesting about this article other than the funky first sentence is all that is not included: 1) So, did Madonna start or join this Hollywood book club?; 2) If so, what book did they select? (note that the “favorite book” link is not a link to Gwyneth or Madonna’s favorite books); finally, 3) Since literary preferences say so much about a person, what does Ms. Paltrow consider to be “an amazing, transportive novel”? 4) It seems that if these questions were to be answered that they would have already been included in the article.  So, why publish this at all?


Well, I may not be a Gwyneth or a Madonna, but I will agree with Gweneth’s quotes here – even if I wouldn’t state them in the same way.  I think that getting lost in a novel is one of my favorite pleasures as a human being.  There was a time where I thought I could qualify the type of novel that I would find “amazing” or “transportive,” but I’ve discovered over the past two years that so much of that criteria is subjective and fluctuates with my life and mood at the time I pick the book up and curl up with it.  I have to be careful, though.  I can use reading as a way to check out of my life, too. It’s a sure sign that I’m dealing with depression and anxiety and it’s not healthy.  Like everything else, moderation is key.  Reading my help relax, calm, and sooth, but it is not a replacement for living your life nor can it concretely address your problems.

I currently have three favorite places to read ~ the chase lounge portion of my sectional couch, my bed, and the rocking chair in my huge master bathroom.  None of those places compare to my all-time favorite place to read as a child.  There was a built in, carpeted love seat (might not be the right term) underneath my window.  I used to sit there between the window and the curtains and read for hours there.  It really was a wonderful place to get lost in Little House on the Prarie, Little Women, Nancy Drew, and Trixie Belden.madonna-meets-lh

I am always curious to find out what other people enjoy reading.  I do think the choices people make say something about who they are, or at least why they choose to read.  I would never hold a person’s literary choices against them.  As for me, I will read just about anything that doesn’t fall into the science fiction/fantasy/horror genres.  My favorite genres, however, are historical fiction, gothic fiction, and assorted classics.  If I were to be exiled on an island for the rest of my life and could only bring one book with me, it would be Gone With the Wind.  Hands down and with no regrets.

I don’t have a great deal of personal experience with book clubs, but I will say that I’ve enjoyed my attempts at on-line book clubs.  I’m not recovering from a divorce (do you think that Madonna is really suffering about this other than the hit to her bottom line?), but working with Rusty Weston and starting the Historical Fiction Lovers book club on Facebook has really been enjoyable to me.  I’m in the middle of Soul Catcher by Michael White, the February book of the month and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all those who want to participate.

What do you think about what Gwyneth has to say?  Where are your favorite places to read now and in the past?  What types of books do you love?  Although I wouldn’t object to Madonna or Gwyneth stopping by to answer my questions, I’m much more interested in your answers.

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  • At 2009.02.01 00:13, Marg said:

    I am still waiting for the February book to turn up at the library for me! Glad to hear you are enjoying it though.

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