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Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business by Lynda Resnick

Sometimes things come together in a cosmic reality type of way.  One Thursday, I was watching The View and Barbara Walters held up a copy of Rubies in the Orchard and talked about Lynda Resnick’s book about finding the intrinsic value in your product and then being true to it in your branding and marketing.  I thought it was an interesting cover (I know, dont’ judge… blah, blah, blah) and wrote the name of the book an author down, because I was interested in learning more about branding.  Ever since deciding to have my blog professionally designed, I’ve given that topic a lot of thought. However, not being in the marketing or publicity business myself, I didn’t know much more than it was a good idea to have and use consistent imaging.  Not more than a few hours later, I received an email from Lynda Resnick’s staff.  It provided more information on the book and asked me if I would like to review it.  Holy kismit, pomegranate!  Yes.

pomwonderful21When the book arrived in the mail,  I devoured it in a single sitting on a cold, dreary Saturday while my daughters played and skated at the local rink.  This book is a combination between an innovative business woman’s memoir and a practical guide to using branding to your product’s advantage based upon the lessons and triumphs Resnick has experienced.  I enjoyed this book on both levels.  I had never heard of Lynda Resnick before that day, but I have heard of many of her companies, including the Franklin Mint, Teleflora and Fiji Water.  Living in a small Southern town that would not really be part of a major ad campaign, I had not heard of her latest passion, POM Wonderful.  I can’t wait to try it as soon as I can get over to the health food store.  It was really interesting to learn about how she and her husband came to lead these companies and the changes they made.  

figiI was especially intersted in what they did with Fiji Water.  After doing a great deal of research, they simply made a  change to the labeling on the bottle to provide a little education on the product and make it more attractive to the eye.  It wasn’t long before they were getting free advertising when celebrities were photographed drinking it.  Resnick went on to say that they never pay for celebrity endorsements.  Citing Pizza Hut’s debacle with Jessica Simpson, paying a celebrity can put your product in the spotlight, but if it’s ever discovered that the person does not actually use your product, the cost to resesitate your brand is exponential.

What I have taken away from this book personally is the concept of maximizing your brand by focusing on its intrinsic value.  This concept is more readily applicable to a physical product, but for me it means to focus my blog on what is important to me.  What I haven’t done a great deal of in the past is put a great deal of thought and planning into my blog.  From its very beginning, it came about somewhat on a whim.  I am going to work on a plan for my blog going forward and focus on what is uniquely me.

Rubies in the Orchard is an enjoyble look at how one woman, without a degree, used her common  sense and the lessons she learned throughout her career to make a success of her companies and her life.  It was an engaging and inspiring.  Lynda Resnick has led an incredible life and has earned her success.  I would love to be able to sit down at lunch with her and her friends and just listen to them talk about what they’ve learned in this life. If you have any interest in business, branding, or reading about a strong woman taking charge of her life and her career, this is one book you won’t want to pass up.


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  • At 2009.03.21 09:21, Chris@bookarama said:

    Glad you liked it because I have it for review too. I might get started on it today.

    Chris@bookarama’s last blog post..Little Bee by Chris Cleave: Review

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    • At 2009.03.21 12:24, Sandy said:

      I’ve just awarded you the sisterhood of the traveling meme! Come on over…

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      • At 2009.03.21 12:51, Kathy said:

        Great review – I’m mad I passed on this one now. We can buy POM Wonderful in the produce department of our grocery store here.

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        • At 2009.03.21 15:58, Sandy said:

          Fascinating book, by the sounds of it. But not something you read everyday. I’m interested in how you will apply the lessons in the book to your blog! I am really a novice…only been blogging since last November, and so far has been just a hobby. I want to learn from you!

          Sandy’s last blog post..I’ve got all my sisters with me!

          • At 2009.03.21 16:35, Ladytink_534 said:

            Sounds like an interesting book and I just love the look of POM and Fiji. Great review!

            • At 2009.03.23 09:15, Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit) said:

              I also have this book for review and look forward to starting it.

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              • At 2009.03.23 15:12, caite said:

                I have it too..Maybe I need to move it up in rotation! I must admit that they also accidentally sent me an 8 pack of the bottled juice…not that I will let that influence me…lol

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