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I am torn between thanking God it’s Sunday and wishing that it was next Friday.  I work as a Sr. Business Systems Analyst for a company that has developed its own dental claims processing software suite.  For the most part, I write requirements for our clients when developing enhancements to the system, I act as project owner for my team of developers, QA testers, and technical writer when working on projects (includes a daily scrum meeting and continuous help throughout the day), I also am the BSA assigned to our web team (which includes training new clients on the functionality), and finallly I work with new clients as they implement our software.  Why am I boring you with these details of my 9 to 8:59? Well, within the next month we will be releasing our latest package of enhancements to the system, to the website, and will be implementing a new client.  Needless to say, I’m getting stretched in all directions, making for intense weeks.  My adrenaline is always pumping and I barely have time to eat or breathe.  After the kids go to bed at night, I’m exhausted, which doesn’t leave much time for reading, reviewing, or visiting blogs.  What really stinks about this is that when I finally feel like I’m making traction on my blog, life interferes and I can’t post for three days.  ARG!

flu_virusThe weekends are somewhat a time to relax or at least get the adrenaline rush from other areas.  Not so this weekend.  Emma had been nursing a low grade fever for a few days when she woke up yesterday morning with a fever of nearly 103.  I took her in to the doctor expecting it to be an ear infection because she otherwise seemed normal.  This was my second trip in this week. Alison had to get her kindergarten shots on Thursday.  She was a real trooper and I was so proud of her.  With Emma, we were not so lucky.  Her flushed cheeks and complaints of aching legs made the doctor suspicious of the flu.  He ran a test (I’d never seen that before – like a strep throat test for the nose).  Sure enough, Emma had the flu.  Luckily she was in the early stages, so he could prescribe Tamiflu.  She was pretty peaked yesterday, but not so much that she would take the medicine without a fight.  Thankfully, her fever is back to the low grade variety today.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow.  The doctor said she could go to school on Monday.  We’ll see.

On the book and blogging front, I did actually write two reviews :  Serendipity by Louise Shaffer, a review that virtually forced itself out of me in the middle of the night.  I enjoyed the book a great deal, but I think my adrenaline was in high gear and the combo kept me up.  Yesterday I spent the day writing my review of Go With Me by Castle Freeman Jr.  I enjoyed the book, but I also desperately wanted to end my posting dry spell.  After finishing Serendipity, I read Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Patillo.  I was sent that book by Phenix & Phenix and enjoyed it.  It was light and fun – just what I needed.  I’m now starting Foreign Tongue by Vanina Marsot.  If you enjoy Paris or know some French, I really think you’ll enjoy this novel.  It will be published by HarperCollins in April.

In addition to writing my review of Go With Me, I updated my LibraryThing widgits and figured out how to manipulate them to create one for the book I’m currently reading.  Today, time allowing, I’m going to add another for books awaiting my review.  I’m also continuing my quest to update all of my reviews so that they all look similar.  I’m also working out the details of my The Parlour page.  I hope to have that at least started by the end of the month.

vabook09So, my life has been pretty hectic this past week and I don’t hold out much hope for that changing.  Next weekend we’ll be in Charlottesville to visit with Emma’s maternal birth family.  We haven’t seen them in a while and we’re looking forward to it.  Emma’s a little scared, though.  I’m working with her to let her know that her first family loves her and wants to see her, but they won’t try to take her away.  Next weekend is also the Virginia Festival of the Book, but I’m not sure how much I’ll get to participate.  It will be a long day without that.

How was your week?  Have you read and reviewed any good books lately?  How do you handle keeping up the momentum on your blog when your real life is so busy?  I’d love to hear it all.

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  • At 2009.03.15 11:42, Ti said:

    Jennifer, I totally hear ya on the work front. I’m a tech writer/instructional designer but when we are rolling out a new product I become a QA expert as well. That’s the nature of working with technology. It’s always changing and it seems to have in big spurts. Lots of down time and then wham…go go go. Just take it one day at a time. You know we will all be here for ya.

    I’m so sorry Emma fell ill but so glad they caught it early. I hope she feels much, much better and that her meeting with her maternal mother goes well.

    Ti’s last blog post..There Are Books In Santa Barbara!

    • At 2009.03.15 13:15, debnance said:

      I wonder how many cool book festivals there are out there now! I saw Albuquerque was having their first book festival this weekend and now I see you are attending one next weekend. Our wonderful Texas Book Festival in Austin, Texas is every October. Perhaps there is a listing for all of these?

      debnance’s last blog post..TSS: Wacky Reading Week

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      • At 2009.03.15 13:31, Sandy said:

        It makes you wonder how we are all still sane. When things start to slide at home, I always get “the look” from my husband when he sees me on the computer all the time! Both of my kids have been sick home from school over the last couple of weeks, which doesn’t help the productivity. I admire your open mind Emma’s maternal birth parents. Most would find some difficulty with that…you are such a good mom! And never fear. Even though you’re busy, you loyal readers will still be here!

        Sandy’s last blog post..Gone With the Wind – Margaret Mitchell (Week 2)

        • At 2009.03.15 15:12, Meghan said:

          That sounds crazy! I’ve been having trouble myself with the end of the term, but I’m lucky enough that I normally have the time to read quite a lot and store up reviews for just this purpose. I haven’t posted yet today because the essay is due in tomorrow, but I think I’ve finally finished.

          Meghan’s last blog post..Review: Silent in the Sanctuary, Deanna Raybourn

          • At 2009.03.15 21:18, Kristen said:

            Thanks for the heads up on Foreign Tongue. It sounds fun and escapist so I’ve added it to my rather long acquire sometime” list. Hope your kiddo feels better soon.

            Kristen’s last blog post..Review: Fork It Over by Alan Richman

            • At 2009.03.15 22:18, Scobberlotcher said:

              Hope Emma feels better soon. My girl had the flu a couple of weeks ago and then I got it. Bleck! Happy Reading!

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              • At 2009.03.15 22:43, Matthew Yau said:

                9 to 8:59? That sounds very exhausting! It makes sense to get ahead on posts when you get a free minute. I know how it feels when things in life and chores get in the way. I have been behind in responding to comments.

                Hope your daughter feels better soon. 🙂

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                • At 2009.03.15 23:23, Bonnie said:

                  Take care of yourself under the work pressure, that sounds like a very intense schedule. We all understand that work and family take priority over our blogs.Hoping that Emma feels better soon and everyone else stays healthy. Hoping that your visit with Emma’s birth family goes smoothly. You sound like a wonderful mom!! I wonder if there is a book out there that talks about meeting birth families that would ease her anxiety?

                  Bonnie’s last blog post..Book Review: The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

                  • At 2009.03.16 13:09, Darlene said:

                    Jennifer, it certainly does sound like things have been nuts for you. I hope they calm down somewhat soon so you can get halfway back to normal. Hope Emma is feeling better today and that your visit with her birth family will go well.

                    Darlene’s last blog post..Book Review: Bark up the Right Tree by Jessie & Ruth Tschudin

                    • At 2009.03.17 21:55, Kathy said:

                      Poor Emma. I hope she’s better now.

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