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What a beautiful day we’re having today in Roanoke, VA.  Fat, wet flakes of snow are falling so fast at times that Emma keeps saying, “It’s a blizzard!”  I don’t know about that, but we’ve gotten between 2 and 3 inches of snow here thus far today.  When I look out of the window, I feel so close to my native Michigan. What a joyful day!


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  • At 2009.03.02 00:49, Kathy said:

    We’re actually getting snow today too! It’s a rarity for us.

    Kathy’s last blog post..It’s Snowing!

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    • At 2009.03.02 01:27, Julie P. said:

      I grew up in Roanoke and went to Cave Spring! I haven’t been back for many years but I have some very fond memorie!

      Julie P.’s last blog post..Weekly Geeks – March 1, 2009

      • At 2009.03.02 02:09, Matthew Yau said:

        It’s raining cat and dog here in San Francisco. I have found myself staying in all day immersing in the world of Scarlett O’Hara! I certainly have made headway through the book.

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        • At 2009.03.02 02:17, Sandy said:

          Well, the weather system that gave you snow is giving us a little rain and a whole helluva lot of wind. And cold weather (for Florida). Poo on you Matt! I’ve gotten nowhere with Scarlett. Haven’t read all weekend. I was distracted with grocery shopping, laundry, blogging and a big ‘ol crawfish party at friends.

          Sandy’s last blog post..It’s March and that means…a Gone With the Wind Read-along!

          • At 2009.03.02 02:30, Darlene said:

            LOL-she sure looks like she’s loving it! We’ve got way too much snow here. I’m ready for spring.

            Darlene’s last blog post..February 2009 Reads

            • At 2009.03.02 02:55, Amy @ My Friend Amy said:

              Very cute picture!

              Amy @ My Friend Amy’s last blog post..The Sunday Salon — Disjointed Thoughts

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              • At 2009.03.02 03:21, Ti said:

                I absolutely adore this pic! It really states how you feel to a T.

                • At 2009.03.02 11:42, Meghan said:

                  I love the picture! You look so excited.

                  Meghan’s last blog post..Review: Silent in the Grave, Deanna Raybourn

                  • At 2009.03.02 13:10, JLS Hall said:

                    Yes, we’re having the same “blizzard” here in Alexandria VA, too. And since I’ve never learned to love snow, I’m not too pleased. But it’s a perfect excuse to stay inside and spend the day reading!

                    JLS Hall’s last blog post..Tuesday Thingers: Swap This Book

                    • At 2009.03.02 15:58, sky said:

                      i just got back from meribel in france, seems you got more snow than we did 🙁

                      sky’s last blog post..Currys GRIFFIN ITRIP AUTO for only 39.99

                      • At 2009.03.04 06:00, Lorin said:

                        The first year I moved to Newport News, Virginia, we had a snow day during the winter, and the local news anchor was calling it a blizzard. My mom and I (we’re originally from NJ, and my mom also lived in Vermont for a while) ran to the window, excited to see the blizzard. We were a little surprised to see maybe a 1/2 inch of snow on the ground! That’s when we realized the Virginia definition of blizzard was a little different than the one we were used to!

                        Lorin’s last blog post..Gordon Matta-Clark

                        • At 2009.03.08 02:33, Elizabeth Barrette said:

                          It’s fun to compare what’s happening in different places. Yesterday we raked leaves off the flowerbeds, and today the first of my crocus flowers are blooming! I’m in central Illinois.

                          Elizabeth Barrette’s last blog post..Preparing for Ostara

                          • At 2009.03.08 14:51, Lisamm said:

                            What a joyful picture!! It reminds me of MY native Michigan as well!

                            Lisamm’s last blog post..Review: One True Theory of Love by Laura Fitzgerald

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                            • At 2009.03.09 19:57, Amy @ Passages to the Past said:

                              We got a few hours worth here in Atlanta…so pretty…I just wish it would’ve lasted longer. It was the only snow we got this year =(

                              Amy @ Passages to the Past’s last blog post..Mistress of the Sun giveaway!!

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