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tlc-logo-resizedToday it is my great pleasure to be Allison Winn Scotch’s host on her TLC Book Tour for her novel, Time of My Life.  I have enjoyed the reviews I’ve read along the way.  Please see the end of my review for a list of the blogs who are on this tour with me.

I have a lot of fun working as a tour host for TLC Book Tours.  Check out their website for more information on this tour and the others that they are hosting.

Time of My Life by Allison Winn Scotch

Jillian is a stay-at-home mother who has become dissatisfied and bored with her life.  Her 7-year marriage and relationship with her husband Henry is stable.  He has a great job and is loyal to her, but he is often away on business, leaving the care of their toddler daughter largely up to Jillian alone.  She finds herself in her parental solitude thinking back on the sexually exciting relationship she had with Jack.  She has difficulty remembering what it was about him that made her break up with him.  She longs to go backt to when she remembers her life feeling more fulfilling – in the bed and in the workforce.  During the middle of a much needed massage session with Garland, she unexpectedly gets her chance.

It’s hard to feel too bad for Jillian.  She has a beautiful home, a husband that more than provides security, a beautiful daughter, the help of a part-time nanny, and a masseur.  At the beginning of the novel I saw her as a pampered young woman who simply can’t handle boredom.  Over time, as the full story of her relationship with her husband, her daughter, Jack, and her mother unfolds, I saw something else – a woman having trouble after having a baby. At that point I felt that I understood Jillian much better. Having a baby can be unsettling long after the child’s birth.  It doesn’t matter what your status in life is.  Post-partum depression can leave you looking for a way out.  If you’ve had that experience you can definitely relate to Jillian and her mother.  The author captured those feelings very well.  The scenes where Jillian describes how she felt indifferent toward Katie and couldn’t talk to anyone were especially strong.

AllisonWinnScotchIt took me some time to get into Time of My Life, but once Jillian’s character clicked with me I clicked with this novel and enjoyed reading it.  I was particularly interested in Jillian’s relationship with her mother and how that impacted her reactions and emotions after Katie was born.  As someone who lived through post-partum depression, it was interesting to read about another mother’s daydreams of a “better life” worked out.  I did have an issue with the use of adult language in this novel.  Normally cussing doesn’t bother me.  Often I don’t notice it at all.  The use of the f-bomb seemed forced to me and seemed overused.  It brought me out of the novel from time to time, but I still enjoyed it.  This is a novel to read on a lazy weekend when you feel like pondering the “what ifs” in life.   As the lovely cover suggests, Time of My Life is a pleasant way to be reminded of what is really important in life.  Jillian’s trip from the present to the past was a bit bumpy for me, but I found that it was worth the ride.

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  • At 2009.09.10 01:35, Jen - Devourer of Books said:

    You’re right. it didn’t pull me out of the story, but part of the time at the beginning I wanted to say, “Girlfriend, you have an insanely expensive stroller, a nanny, a standing massage appointment, and you don’t have to work.” I mean, I like my stroller, and even my job, but I would LOVE to get to stay home with my baby, and maybe just go volunteer somewhere occasionally.

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    • At 2009.09.10 05:57, Sandy said:

      I can completely appreciate the rollercoaster ride of the weeks and months after you have a baby. Even though I did not experience full-blown PPD, I was dancing around the edge. It wasn’t easy! That being said, I am now lucky enough to stay home, after spending most of my life in the corporate world. I hear moms complain about being bored, and I always tell them they aren’t trying hard enough. The day I am bored at home will be the day I’m dead. You make your own worth.

      • At 2009.09.10 07:53, Julie P. said:

        I really, really want to read this one! I just love the cover and am drawn to the story!

        • At 2009.09.10 08:45, Kathy said:

          This book sounds interesting to me. I think it’s always easy to see someone else’s life and decide that it’s wonderful – this book sounds like it would serve as a reminder that we never really know what someone else’s life is like. That must be some cussing if it pulled you out of the story! LOL Great review.

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          • At 2009.09.10 10:42, Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit) said:

            Sounds like an interesting book…great review as always.

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            • At 2009.09.10 13:58, Alyce said:

              I’m pretty sure all of us have played the “what if” game at some point or other, so I’m sure I could relate to that. Boy how I would love to have a standing appointment with a masseur! 🙂

              • At 2009.09.10 14:25, Diana Raabe said:

                Thank you for hosting on the tour. I haven’t read the book, but must say that the f-bomb does have a way of detracting unless used really, really well.

                And by the way, you’re It…

                • At 2009.09.10 22:12, Jennifer said:

                  Jen, you make me laugh so hard.

                  Sandy, I don’t know that she was really bored, per se. It was her perception of her life, which leads back to Jen’s comment about her stroller and standing massage appointment. LOL!

                  Julie, it’s a fun, not too light read. I think you’ll like it.

                  Kathy, it wasn’t the cuss words (as you know, LOL!), it was that they didn’t fit right with the characters. They can roll right on by me if they work with the character’s voice. In this book it was kind of like hearing my Mom drop an f-bomb. It never would ever happen and I would wonder who had possessed her.

                  Serena, it was an interesting book. I would be interested in hearing what you have to think about it.

                  Alyce, let’s meet at the massage parlor and talk about this some more. LOL!

                  Diane, when the cussing fits in with the character, it’s usually seamless for me. It just didn’t work here.

                  • At 2009.09.11 03:35, Veens said:

                    I didn’t know about ” Post-partum depression “! this is a NEW thing for me… i need to definitely find out more about this one.

                    Thanks for a great review!

                    • At 2009.09.11 14:22, Lenore said:

                      I hope if I ever have a baby, I can afford a nanny 🙂

                      • At 2009.09.11 18:09, S. Krishna said:

                        I enjoyed this one as well. I read it right when it came out in hardcover, so to be honest I don’t remember the cussing! Must not have bothered me too much if I can’t remember it though, right?

                        • At 2009.09.11 18:12, Jennifer said:

                          Swapna, I don’t think the cussing is something I’ll remember down the road either. I think I’ll remember this as a pleasant novel.

                          • At 2009.09.14 15:49, lisamm said:

                            Hi Jen! Sorry it took me a couple days to get over here to read your review. I don’t generally have a problem with cussing unless it seems really overdone. I remember one book I read last year, though- I counted the F word something like 8 times on one page. A bit excessive, right?

                            The premise of this book reminds me of a movie I love and watch every year at Christmastime.. Family Man with Nicolas Cage.

                            Thanks for a great review (as always) and your kind words about TLC! You’re the best!

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                            • At 2009.09.15 14:05, Lynn said:

                              I really enjoyed this review. I discovered your site through BBAW. I suspect I’d feel the same as you in terms of a lack of empathy for the main character (a nanny? a masseur?!), but it’s nice to know that the character becomes believable throughout the course of the book. (PS I disagree with the comment that moms who are honest about feeling bored at times aren’t working hard enough, but since you said that it doesn’t so much describe the main character’s situation anyway, I’ll let that one go). Thanks for the review. 🙂

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                              • At 2009.09.19 21:11, Anna said:

                                I liked this one, too. I did notice the overuse of the f-word, but it didn’t bother me too much.

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