#273 ~ Voyager

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Narrated by: Davinia Porter

Published by: Random House

Published on: August 2001

Page Count: 880 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction, Science Fiction (time travel), Romance

My Reading Format: Audiobook purchased from Audible.com using one of my monthly credits.

Available Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audiobook, eBook

Caution: No real spoilers are included in my review – assuming you’ve read Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber. Also, there are some rather graphic sex scenes and adult language.

Giveaway: Diana Gabaldon’s publisher is graciously offering one copy of An Echo in the Bone to one of my lucky readers.  Please see the Google Form at the end of my review.  Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I’m asking you to tell me who your favorite super couple is – can be from any medium.

tlc-logo-resizedToday it is my great pleasure to be Diana Gabaldon’s host on her TLC Book Tour.  This tour is to celebrate An Echo in the Bone.  Thankfully TLC Tours has begun to host backlisted books for some authors as well because I’m no where near the last book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.  Today I’ll be reviewing Voyager, the third book in the series.

I have a lot of fun working as a tour host for TLC Book Tours.  They always have great books and authors on tour.  Check out their website for more information on this tour and the others that they are hosting.

My Review

Voyager is the third installment in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. It begins with Claire in the 1960s. She has raised Brienna and is now a true medical doctor. Frank, the man to whom she returned when Jamie sent her back through the singing stones before he meant to die on the battlefield of Culloden. Claire and Frank stayed together to raise Brienna and he has recently died in a car accident. Although she and her daughter are in Scotland to investigate what happened to Jamie’s men at Culloden, it never occurs to Claire that Jamie might have survived because he never planned on leaving the battlefield. Roger Wakefield does a little further investigation and learns that Jamie didn’t die after all. Hoping that there is a pattern and a purpose to traveling through the stones, Claire decides to take a risk and return to 17th Century Scotland in hopes of reuniting with husband 20 years after they last saw each other.

As I found with Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager was not what Outlander was. That does not mean that I didn’t like it. I did. Very much. It was during my reading of Voyager that I realized exactly what the Outlander series was for me – a soap opera featuring a wonderful super couple. Jamie and Claire have the same chemistry as any of my favorite television super couples like Luke and Laura, Frisco and Felicia, or Josh and Reva. Luke, Frisco, and Josh are strong men who want to take care of the women they love. Laura, Felicia, and Reva love their men, but are not afraid to act on their own whether the men like it or not. Jamie and Claire are no different. I suppose the main difference is that you get a little more details about the vo-de-o-do-do with Jamie and Claire because it’s in print.

Luke & Laura

I love my super couples and there is nothing I like more than when there is a great villian threatening them. Just because Black Jack Randall is dead doesn’t mean that Jamie and Claire are able to live their lives in care-free bliss. Far from it. There is always a villian or a tight situation making things dramatic and difficult. Jamie’s reputation over the past 20 years causes a good deal of havoc. And, as often happens in soap operas, death does not always mean gone forever…

Frisco & Felicia

As relationships between super couples grow, there comes a time when their adventures do not hold my interest as much as others. That happened for me in Dragonfly in Amber and it was also true of Voyager. Not every aspect of Jamie and Claire’s voyage was intriguing to me. Jamie is very prone to sea sickness, something established in Outlander. When I learned that the couple were headed on a long journey at sea, I was not looking forward to dealing with that again (chalk it up to empathy I suppose). While it didn’t make me stop altogether like the Asian Quarter storyline with Frisco and Felicia made me turn the channel (where Reva happened to be preparing to commit suicide that very same afternoon – I was hooked on Guiding Light ever since), I thought about it. I never did, because I knew I would just go back. I think there will be a longer gap between Voyager and Drums of Autumn than between the first three, though.  My only other real complaint was the repetitive use of Jesus Christ as an expletive.  I know this may come as a shock, but some bad language can even be overdone for my tastes. LOL!

Josh & Reva

I was a fan of Guiding Light for 20 years when it was finally cancelled last year. As my professional life took off, I started taping the show and then watching it while I ate super. When my daughters came along, I gave up the ghost and satisfied my soap opera needs by reading the daily recaps. Coming to the realization that the Outlander series is so much like soap operas with the added appeal of historical fiction made my heart happy. I’m glad to have a new outlet. I’m glad that I am able to add Jamie and Claire to my own personal list of super couples. You just can’t help but root for them. Voyager is a lot of fun.  I have to suggest you give any of the Outlander novels a try in audio. As with the first two installments, Davinia Porter’s narration is outstanding.

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  • At 2010.08.04 06:14, Marg said:

    Voyager is my favourite (up until they get on the boat that is). For me, the search through history, and then that scene in the print shop is one of the most memorable in the whole series for me.

    • At 2010.08.04 08:00, Kay said:

      I’ve read OUTLANDER twice, each time meaning to continue the series. I’ve had the other books forever, but I never seem to have the time or inclination to pick the next one up. Maybe third time is the charm. I loved OUTLANDER and I love the way that you’ve done this comparison to what you call Super Couples. Very creative!

      • At 2010.08.04 09:16, Fyrefly said:

        I agree with Marg… the scene in the print shop just kills me. I’ve only read through the series once, but I’ve gone back and read that scene a couple of times.

        I’m glad you’re getting as hooked on the series as the rest of us are. 🙂

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        • At 2010.08.04 10:04, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

          I know this series is huge (both literally and figuratively) but after you described it as a soap opera, I’m just not sure it’s for me.

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          • At 2010.08.04 10:12, Sandy said:

            I agree, Outlander is the best, but oh that scene when they see each other again. I swoon and cry and tear at my clothes. That juiced the romantic out of me, despite my hardened heart. Someday I’m going to finish this series. I have two more books left. I just got burned out. 50 discs for an audio book? That is over the top.

            • At 2010.08.04 15:26, Nise' said:

              Yes, yes, I agree! The reunion is one I read over and over! I love, love Davina Porter’s narration of these books. She does a fantastic job.

              • At 2010.08.04 17:36, Alyce said:

                The first two books are my favorites in the series, but I did enjoy this one too. The first book was so original and between the romance, the time travel, and the super-villainous Jack Randall Outlander is superb. What I loved about the second book was the aspect of Brianna learning all about what happened with Jamie and Claire.

                • At 2010.08.09 21:42, Wisteria Leigh said:

                  I loved Outlander and am still excited about the rest of the series. I am a huge fan of Gabaldon.

                  • At 2010.08.10 10:32, Shelley said:

                    I hate to confess it, but that first picture brings back such memories….

                    • At 2010.08.13 10:20, stacybuckeye said:

                      I love the Outlander series and General Hospital, so your post made me smile 🙂

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                      • At 2010.09.08 21:32, Lisa Munley said:

                        I love the correlation between this series and a soap! Man, it took me back to see the pics of Luke and Laura and Frisco and Felicia!! Thanks so much for a great review and for being on the tour!

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