Heroine Love ~ My Letter to Lisbeth Salander

When Erin Blakemore, the author of The Heroine’s Bookshelf, contacted me about participating in her Heroine Love event surrounding Valentine’s Day, I was so honored. It took me awhile to figure out which heroine I would write about, but in the end it seemed obvious – Lisbeth Salander. No other character, let alone heroine, has made such an impact on me since I started blogging. When I compared her to Scarlett O’Hara in my review of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, it was no small thing. So, I wrote Lisbeth a letter.

Be sure to read my letter to Lisbeth today and enter for a chance to win an audiobook of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo narrated by Simon Vance.

If you haven’t checked out the other wonderful Heroine Love.posts, you should read those as well.

If you haven’t read The Heroine’s Bookshelf, what are you waiting for?


  • At 2011.02.08 15:29, Sandy said:

    Uuuuhhhhh, can you just sign my name on the end of that one too?

    • At 2011.02.08 17:41, Jennifer said:

      Girlfriend, you know it! Isn’t Lisbeth the best? So glad that Stieg Larsson left her to us. What a gift.

      • At 2011.02.20 15:33, Emily said:

        LOVED your letter to Lisbeth! Sign my name, too 🙂

        • At 2013.01.14 13:47, Kristin said:

          Lisbeth is an incredible character. I see her as a hero and a role model. I believe there is a Lisbeth in all of us. She was born and brought into the world by Steig Larrson who has passed on and left her in our hands. Lisbeth is so imperfect that it makes her absolutely perfect and beautiful in everyway.

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