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So I had a nice little blogging jag going on there in April. I posted 4 or 5 times a week leading up until my short trip to Grand Rapids. I was walking around feeling satisfied, like Lloyd Dobbler before Diane Court gave him a pen. Then Grand Rapids happened. For one reason or another, I got no more than 3 or 3 and a half hours of sleep that Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. In fact, my last post about Skinny by Diana Spechler only made it up there because I couldn’t sleep. I figured if I can’t sleep, I might as well write.

Since coming home, I’ve done a lot of the opposite – going to sleep early, sleeping like the dead and just hanging out. As a result, I lost my swagger. I’ve not posted anything in over a week. As much as I had a good thing going there, I was really running up against a wall. It might have been to my advantage for it to have been the result of a “natural disaster” than directly from over-exerting myself. Blogging today is something I want to get back to because it means life is finally reaching normal once again.

Scheduling out books to read and review via Google Calendar and the WordPress Editorial calendar was great to keep me motivated and on target. However, once my backlog of reviews grew smaller and the books I need to have read grew larger, it just wasn’t working out as well. But what a valuable lesson! You don’t know what your limits are until you test them. So, tonight I’m heading back to the drawing board. I’ll add a few tweaks here and a few tweaks there and see what happens.

I’m not quite 40 yet. There’s still time for me to learn a few new tricks. LOL!

Here are a few of the wonderful and beloved people and events that kept me awake and away from The Literate Housewife Review:

Being with my entire family of origin

Attending my grandparents' 65th anniversary Mass

Taxi-ing my Emeraldette's to parades, rehearsals and practices

The Decemberists show with my BFF! Definite blog post up ahead. Incredible!


  • At 2011.05.03 19:20, Xe Sands said:

    First: beautiful family you have. I think you are completely justified in the hiatus!

    Second: welcome back to the groove…can’t wait to read your next review.

    Last: Don’t worry about 40…I can now say with certainty that it doesn’t mean squat about the end of learning 🙂

    • At 2011.05.03 19:28, softdrink said:

      I just read on Jacket Copy that Colin Meloy from the Decemberists is the brother of author Maile Meloy.

      And there’s your useless bit of trivia for the day.

      • At 2011.05.03 19:42, Jennifer said:

        Thanks on all counts, Xe. It’s always nice to know people are there waiting for you. 🙂

        Now I need to find and read this Mailie Meloy! I’m not surprised he has a written in the family. He’s so creative.

        • At 2011.05.03 20:04, Coffee and a Book Chick said:

          Great pictures! I am having a similar experience right now since I’m traveling for work so much and rarely posting, and it’s driving me nuts. I really need to win the lottery…!

          • At 2011.05.03 20:13, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

            Being with your family is so much better than blogging. 65th wedding anniversary is quite an accomplishment and I love that they’re still holding hands!

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            • At 2011.05.03 20:53, Jennifer said:

              Winning the lottery would be great! Maybe a group of us bloggers can go in on them & then live off our winnings. LOL!

              Family is great, Kathy. My Grandma felt like a queen that whole day. She loved her bouquet, too. I’ll have to post a picture of her with it.

              • At 2011.05.03 23:08, bookmagic said:

                You have to take a blogging break, especially for family. I need to get back into the groove again. My reading drought is better but I’m so behind in reviews. And I just got a new puppy and that is taking up lots of time, but in a fun way.
                Glad you had a good time w/ your family!

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                • At 2011.05.04 00:34, jenn said:

                  What a great month! I enjoy your posts, no matter how frequent.

                  PS – I twirled too! They look so cute.

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                  • At 2011.05.04 11:03, Ti said:

                    You could never lose your swagger 🙂 It’s still there. Just took a little break, is all.

                    I am okay with keeping up with the blog on most days, but I use my Yahoo calendar alot to remind me of things. Oh yeah, and I email myself and leave messages on my answering machine. Yep… I’ve hit the 40 wall.

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                    • At 2011.05.04 11:45, Beth Hoffman said:

                      Aww … love the family pics!

                      Needing (and taking) a break is something we all require from time to time. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself!

                      • At 2011.05.05 12:29, Alyce said:

                        The photos look great – like a wonderful time other than the no sleep part.

                        Revamping the blog calendar/schedule has been a regular routine for me. I’ve tried several different ways of looking at it all, and the one that worked the worst for me was hyper-scheduling everything. I ended up feeling very stressed all of the time.

                        Currently what seems to work the best for me is a few solid deadlines for ARCs and then rotating in library books and books from my shelves (someday I swear I’m actually going to read the books I own). 🙂

                        • At 2011.05.05 13:26, Jennifer said:

                          Alice, that’s what I’m going to try next: hard schedule the ARCs and then fill in with my own books. Glad to hear that this approach seems to be working for you.

                          • At 2011.05.06 00:04, SuziQoregon said:

                            Oh I love that photo of your grandparents!! What a special day and memory.

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