Announcing Shaken, Not Stirred: A James Bond /Simon Vance Audiobook Reading Challenge

Sit down, please.

I am a huge Simon Vance fan.

Keep Seated!

I get so much enjoyment out of his narration that I want to get everyone else to listen.

Aren’t you glad I ensured you were sitting down for that? Terribly shocking, I know. I normally keep my thoughts about audiobooks and especially those narrated by Simon Vance to myself. I can no longer contain it.  Ha! *back to reality*

In hindsight, creating an audiobook reading challenge involving Simon Vance was truly inevitable from the first moment I started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. That listen led to another and another until last year’s Audiobook Week interview. Since then, I’ve been pondering how to approach a Simon Vance audiobook challenge. When Jen announced this year’s Audiobook Week, I knew that I had  to put it together, but what form should it take? That’s where Twitter came in. I talked to a few trusted tweeps about my ideas and made sure that Simon was okay with the project. One night I was chatting with people about James Bond. Ive never seen a single James Bond movie. The closest I’ve come, in fact, was Duran Duran’s video for “View to a Kill” and I was watching it for “Le Bon, Simon Le Bon,” not Roger Moore.  Yes, I am part of the MTV Generation. When I was reminded that Simon Vance narrated all but one of Ian Fleming’s novels, Shaken, Not Stirred was born*.

So what is Shaken, Not Stirred? It’s a monthly audiobook challenge sponsored by Blackstone Audio featuring each of Ian Fleming’s novels and shorter fiction in chronological order. In addition to providing a discussion post for each book, I will be hosting a #shakennotstirred Twitter chat and viewing party. We’ll spend the first 30 minutes discussing the audiobook and then we’ll watch the corresponding movie.**

As with all good reading challenges, there will be prizes.

  • Blackstone Audio is sponsoring a 007 Giveaway each month. 007 lucky participants will receive a free copy of the upcoming audiobook.
  • There are a total of 15 audiobooks. At the end of the challenge, all those who participated in at least 10 of those months will be entered in a drawing for the Grand Prize. That prize hasn’t been fully put together, but I can tell you that it will at least include a set of The Aristocrat martini glasses from Swank Martini Company.

Blackstone Audio’s 007 Giveaway featuring Casino Royale

This month, they are giving away 007 copies of Casino Royale. For a chance to win, go to the Sign Up page on the Shaken, Not Stirred blog and register.

See you there!

I am really looking forward to getting to know James Bond better. I can’t imagine a better narrator to take on his voice than Simon Vance. Want to know more? Head on over to Shaken, Not Stirred!

* A special shout out to Tanya (@dogearedcopy) for the name. It is perfect!

** Thanks to everyone who participates in our Twitter #hitchfest Saturday nights. I’m not sure I would have added the viewing party had I not seen one in action first.



  • At 2011.06.06 11:08, Teresa said:

    Oooh this is so exciting. I’m all over it!

    • At 2011.06.06 11:16, Jennifer said:

      Hooray! We are going to have so much fun!

      • At 2011.06.06 11:39, Beth F said:

        Oooooh what fun!!!!

        • At 2011.06.06 11:42, Jennifer said:

          I hope you can join us!

          • At 2011.06.06 12:54, jenn aka the picky girl said:

            Gotta admit: it was worth the wait.

            • At 2011.06.06 15:11, Sheila (Bookjourney) said:

              On my gosh – that is fun and brilliant – I AM IN!!!

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