#349 ~ Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb

Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb by George Rabasa

Published by: Unbridled Books

Published on: April 2011

Page Count: 336

Genre: Fiction

My Reading Format: eGalley downloaded from NetGalley

Available Formats: Paperback and eBook

My Review

Adam in not a stable young man. He comes from a well-to-do family, but he is unable to cope with his life or his family. He has spent much of his youth going back and forth from a mental institution for wealthy kids. That is exactly where he is headed, after a Thanksgiving dinner that can only be called disastrous, when he meets Miss Entropia. The institution’s van stops at her house after picking Adam up. After a mistake by the van driver, Adam and Pia are able to make an escape together. Their taste of freedom didn’t last, but Adam’s thoughts and feelings for Pia did. All that Adam does is to get back in touch with the young woman who made such an impact on him. Sometimes he wants things too much.

This book hit my radar after I finished and loved The House of Tomorrow. Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog said that if I loved Peter Bagnanni, Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb would be right up my alley. I went and requested an eGalley via NetGalley. Boy, was Rebecca right – not that I ever doubted her. There is something about these odd, quirky, and sometimes even unstable teenage boys trying to make sense of it all that captures my imagination. Adam is no different except, well, that he is. His story and his emotional difficulties add another layer to his coming of age. I cannot recall how many times I whispered motherly, “Oh, Adam…” while reading this book. I wanted to envelop him and keep him safe. I couldn’t. No one could.

Miss Entropia and the Adam Bomb is the whole package. It is written well and with just the right mix of snark. It’s characters are engaging and, for me, sympathetic right down to the end. I would love to say more about Adam and his world, but what I really and truly want to say seems so much like a spoiler to me. I approached this book with virtually no idea what I was getting into and I cannot imagine reading it any other way. I will say no more other than I loved this book, it would make a great book club book and I adore George Rabasa.

Now, go read it for yourself so we can talk privately. 🙂



  • At 2011.08.10 11:16, Kailana said:

    I missed seeing this book on NetGalley. It sounds rather good. I will have to see about getting a copy at some point!

    • At 2011.08.10 12:54, rhapsodyinbooks said:

      Your last sentence is a riot! I feel that way so often!!!

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      • At 2011.08.10 15:35, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

        I’ve been wanting to read this ever since I saw Rebecca’s review too. You’ve just reinforced the desire!

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        • At 2011.08.10 17:13, Sandy said:

          I must have missed that review when I was wandering around in the weeds (a frequent activity for me lately). Well, as you know, I loved House of Tomorrow with all my heart. If this is even close, then I must must read it. What about audio? Hmmm…

          • At 2011.08.24 12:44, Aths said:

            This is one of my favorite reads this year! Glad that you loved it too.

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