#383 ~ The Marriage Plot

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

Published by: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Published on: October 11, 2011

Page Count: 416

Genre: Literary Fiction

My Reading Format: Personal copy, hardcover

Available Formats: Hardcover, eBook, audiobook

Note: There may be spoilers in the comments section as this post will serve to allow those who participated in the readalong to post their final thoughts about the book.

My Review

I like to think of The Marriage Plot as Jeffrey Eugenides 40th birthday present to me. Don’t roll your eyes! I celebrated my 40th birthday during a Bahamas getaway – the gift from my husband and my best friend, not Jeffrey Eugenides – and the book arrived the day I got back. There’s no way that could have been mere coincidence. And then, there’s the billboard:

@EugenidesVest I fucking delivered for Jennifer's birthday. #FTW

You know you can’t just make this shit up.

In a year of some really great books, The Marriage Plot came out on top. It started out at a steady pace in the first section. From that point on, I couldn’t stand to be away from it for long. What I planned on reading over a three week period ended up finished in less than three days. Although they are two completely different novels, I can remember where I was and how I felt when I finished both The Marriage Plot and Middlesex. They both gave me pause and I’m thankful that I was in a quiet, contemplative place at the end.

Imported from Michigan, Jeffrey Eugenides is one of my favorite contemporary authors. After reading his books I am thankful to be living right here and now.

I organized a readalong to discuss this book during November. We had some great discussion during Week One and Week Two of an intended three week series. Unfortunately, life intervened and I never was able to host the last week. I would like for anyone who participated in the readalong and is still interested to share their thoughts on the ending here. I hope you loved the ending and the book as a whole as much as I did.


  • At 2012.01.04 09:19, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

    My book club will be reading this in May. My book club’s not the most literary, so I have a feeling many of them will struggle with this.

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    • At 2012.01.04 09:51, Beth F said:

      I still have this on my shelves. I so loved Middlesex, I’m hoping for the same wonderful experience.

      • At 2012.01.04 11:15, Beth Hoffman said:

        I have this on my list and hope to get to it sometime early this year!

        • At 2012.01.04 12:28, Kailana said:

          Still need to read this… Such a slacker!

          • At 2012.01.04 12:28, Ti said:

            So you like it? It’s gotten so many mixed reviews, but I don’t care. I am still going to read it this year. I just love the way he writes. And that billboard!! Goodness! It’s sex on a stick!

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            • At 2012.01.04 17:38, Sandy said:

              I’d been holding out because the reviews always seemed lukewarm. But. I did just get the audio so I have no excuse now.

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