#399 ~ The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt

The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt by Caroline Preston

Published by: Ecco

Published on: October 25, 2011

Page Count: 240

Genre: Historical Fiction/Scrapbook Fiction (may not be a real genre, but it should be – and I hope there is more!)

My Reading Format: Hardcover purchased at Ram’s Head Books, Roanoke, VA.

Available Formats: Hardcover and eBook

Note and Brief Summary: I had planned to copy the publisher’s synopsis, but when reading it, I felt it gave too much away. Suffice to say that The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt is started when she receives a scrapbook from her widowed mother for her high school graduation in 1920 and tells the story of how she eventually found herself.

My Mini Review

Unfortunately, the last remaining independent bookstore in my neck of the woods closed it’s doors recently. I felt like a vulture shopping, but as a book lover, I couldn’t turn down a 50% off sale. It was on my second trip to the sale that I picked up The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt. I haven’t read a book like it before and finally decided that at half off it was worth the risk. I finished it before I fell asleep that night. I was completely absorbed from the first page. I absolutely loved every moment with this book. Knowing what I know now, I would have gladly paid double for this beautiful book. The story of Frankie Pratt’s coming of age was good in and of itself, but set within authentic memorabilia it becomes something beyond fantastic. It made me wonder what my grandmothers’ scrapbooks might have been like. I lingered and loved and lingered some more. As I pulled it down from the shelf to write this mini review,  I reread a quarter of it. Simply put, it’s a delight in every way.

(If you got bookish gift cards for Valentine’s Day, now you know how to use them).


  • At 2012.02.15 08:00, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

    I loved this book too! I passed my copy on to my mother and she adored it – she said it brought back many fond memories for her. Sorry your last indie closed. 🙁

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    • At 2012.02.15 08:13, Mary said:

      I’m sorry to hear your bookstore closed. I bought this in December (from my indie) and loved it. It’s on my keeper shelf. When my (book lover) daughter came home for Christmas I told her to take a look at it – didn’t see her again for a couple of hours. She loved it as well.

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      • At 2012.02.15 08:49, Serena said:

        I really loved this book when I read it last year. I’m so glad that you took the risk, even if it was when the bookstore offered it at a 50% discount. I’m sorry to hear that your indie is closing. I’ve just found a new indie near me, and love it….since the Borders were closed here…I thought I would be relegated to buying all my books from Amazon. Thank goodness for adventurous booksellers.

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        • At 2012.02.15 09:09, Anita said:

          I also loved this book, it was just so detailed and lovely. Sad to hear about your indie closing. We have really nothing in the Orlando area, its sad. Of course I work for the evil B&N…ha ha, but I still love it.

          • At 2012.02.15 11:15, Beth Hoffman said:

            My indie closed last year, and I’m still devastated. I finally read this book and really enjoyed it, so glad you did too!

            • At 2012.02.15 11:41, Andi said:

              So sorry to hear about your indie. 🙁 I know all about vulture shopping — 90% off when Borders kicked the bucket here in Texas was too much to pass up.

              Glad you liked this one, and I know I won’t be able to resist it for very long.

              • At 2012.02.15 17:55, Beth(bookaholicmom) said:

                Sorry to hear you indie bookstore closed. I found myself lingering in our Borders before they closed just to be there. I can get lost in any bookstore for hours. I adored Frankie Pratt and find myself pulling it off my bookshelf just to glance through it again and again. It’s such a unique read!

                • At 2012.02.15 21:44, softdrink said:

                  No more indie?!? Sounds like my neck of the woods (I don’t count the New Age bookshop because the incense makes me sneeze whenever I go in).

                  And I loved this book! I was surprised by how much story she was able to tell through the collages.

                  • At 2012.02.16 03:04, Kailana said:

                    I really enjoyed this! I thought it was refreshingly different.

                    • At 2012.02.17 12:27, Debbie Rodgers said:

                      This has been on my wish list for some time – now I just need to win a Book Depository gift card!

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