Armchair Audies Recap 4/2/2012

Armchair Audies is well underway. We have bloggers signed up to listen to all of the audiobooks in 17 of the 28 categories. As this is the first time we’re holding this challenge, I’m very pleased with how much we will be covering. Check out the official page for a list of categories and participants.

Since the Armchair Audies were announced, I’ve listened to three titles: The Mark of Zorro, No One in the World, and State of Wonder. Zorro is from the Audio Drama category. The other two novels are from the Literary Fiction category. I have not had the opportunity to write my reviews. I hope to get them into the next couple of recap posts. I’m currently listening to my third Literary Fiction title, Emily and Einstein.

Other participants have been not only listening but reviewing as well. The links below list the Armchair Audies reviews I found as of April 1st. If you reviewed an Armchair Audies title that isn’t mentioned below, please let me know and I’ll add it to the next weekly recap.

Audio Drama

Tanya from dog eared copy reviewed The Mark of Zorro.


Bob from The Guilded Earlobe reviewed The Land of Laughs and Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures.

Narration by Author or Authors

Melanie from Overreader reviewed Stories I Only Tell My Friends.


Melanie from Overreader reviewed Chime.


Squeak from Alaskan Bookie reviewed Silent Scream and Adrenaline.

Interested in the project? There is also plenty of time for you to join if you’d like. Check out the official page for the details. We’d love to have you!

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  • At 2012.04.05 21:55, Sheila (Book Journey) said:

    Yes! Very interested! How did I miss hearing of this? Thanks for sharing about it Jennifer!

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