April 2012 Recap

Somehow, the month of April has come and gone. It was a slow reading month for me, but I knew that my superhero (for me) reading powers would weaken over time. While I did devote a few days to a book I didn’t end up finishing (a case of right book at the wrong time), that wasn’t the key to my lower numbers in April. In this case, I think I’ve overextended myself with Armchair Audies, what I’m planning for the Listener’s List, Shaken, Not Stirred, and my other print and audiobook obligations. In that April was a good learning experience for me. I firmly intend to host the Armchair Audies every year and I’ll know for the next time around to limit any other bookish commitments I make in April and May.

The good news is that I enjoyed each and every one of the books and audiobooks I did finish in April. I had been growing weary of James Bond over the past few months and I’m happy to report that I found Thunderball to be rejuvinating in every way. Despite getting a work call close to 10pm on Shaken, Not Stirred night and having a faulty Blue Ray, the Thunderball edition of that challenge was my favorite of them all thus far. Here are the books I finished in April:

Emily and Einstein
The Gods of Gotham
The Last Romanov
Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale
In One Person
The Silence of Trees

Even more so than reading, April was a very slow review month. I won’t complain about only publishing five reviews because I spent a good deal of the month with other fun book bloggish things. I announced my first listen-a-long featuring The Silence of Trees, hosted a read-a-long featuring Accidents of Providence, posted an Armchair Audies progress report, and got the Listener’s List off to a roaring start by asking readers to vote for their favorite male and female narrators. I have big plans for the Listener’s List and the level of interest by both readers and narrators was thrilling. Here are the books I reviewed in April:

Angelina’s Bachelors
State of Wonder
The Underside of Joy
The Starboard Sea
No One in the World

From the books I read and reviewed in April, my favorites were:


My biggest news in April actually happened on the very last day. I entered Random House’s #RH300K content on Twitter. They were excited to reach 300,000 followers. Monday morning, I discovered that I was one of the three $300 gift certificate winners! I don’t think the reality set in until I received the gift certificate in my email last night. I stayed up way too late working on a Pinterest board for exploring my options. I’d love any suggestions you might have. I know that there is an amazing amount of excellent books out there waiting to be read.

Here’s to a fantastic May!


  • At 2012.05.02 11:55, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

    Woo hoo!! Congratulations on such a fantastic win!! You’ll have to let us know what you spend your gift certificate on.

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    • At 2012.05.02 12:32, Anita said:

      I didn’t know about the $300 winner!! Wow! I’ve been out of the look. Can’t wait to hear what you spend it on.
      I had a slow month too, hoping for a better May.

      • At 2012.05.02 17:20, Marg said:

        Wow! Awesome prize. Hope you have fun making your choices!

        • At 2012.05.03 12:07, Debbie Rodgers said:

          You have a great selection on your Pinterest board: Mark Haddon, Matthew Pearl, The Uninvited Guests (yes – it looks fabulous!) and so on. Too bad you don’t live close enough to loan them out when you’re done. Congrats on the win!

          • At 2012.05.12 12:13, Rachel said:

            Congrats on winning the gift certificate – how fun!

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