I’m On My Way to BEA!

I can hardly believe it, but I am headed to the 2012 Book Expo of America in New York City today! I have long wanted to go and this year the stars were all in alignment for me. If you’re reading this Sunday after 10am EST, I’ll be on a train headed toward Penn Station. Not only will this be my first BEA, it will be my first trip to New York City, too. I’m beyond excited.

This January will mark six years of book blogging for me and I think it’s about time I meet some of the wonderful bloggers, publishers, publicists, and other industry professionals I’ve been in contact with online for so long.

I will be attending the BEA Bloggers Conference on Monday and have been given the honor of moderating the Creating Community & Driving Engagement session on Monday afternoon. If you happen to be there, please stop by and say hello.

The 2012 Audie Awards ceremony will be held on Tuesday. I won’t be in attendance, but I’ll be somewhere in the city cheering on all of the Armchair Audies nominees as well as a few of the other nominees I’ve listened to and enjoyed. If you’d like to play along with me, you can download a copy of the ballot we developed. It’s the perfect way to celebrate June is Audiobook Month.

I will do my best to update you on all that is going on, but I have no idea when I’ll have decent blogging time. You might end up with quite a few mini posts along the way.

Have a wonderful first week of June!


  • At 2012.06.03 07:22, Marg said:

    So jealous! Have a fantastic time!

    • At 2012.06.03 11:28, Literate Housewife said:

      I will! I wil do my best to keep posting so that you can feel a little like you’re there with me. :)

    • At 2012.06.03 07:27, Sandy said:

      I calculate I will be able to go to BEA in 2018. I hope you are still going at that point!!! Have fun!

      • At 2012.06.03 11:29, Literate Housewife said:

        Given the cost of this trip, 2018 will probably be when I next go back. LOL! I do wish you were here with me!

      • At 2012.06.03 08:04, Kailana said:

        Have a wonderful time!

        • At 2012.06.03 08:06, Trista said:

          Have a fabulous time on your trip!!!! Enjoy all of the parties! :)

          • At 2012.06.03 11:35, Literate Housewife said:

            I sure will! Happy birthday! I’m going to get you a little something from the Big Apple. :)

          • At 2012.06.03 08:50, TNBBC said:

            Have a safe trip and I hope we get the chance to meet in person. I wont be a BEA Blogger but I will be wandering the BEA floor all week. We should all totally have a tshirt or big giant flashy button with our twitter handles on it. That would make spotting each other in the BEA wild so much easier!!!

            • At 2012.06.03 11:32, Literate Housewife said:

              Ha! Instead of Are you my mother, we can go around asking, “Does your avatar look like __________?”

          • At 2012.06.03 10:03, Mari @Bookworm with a View said:

            I’m planning to go to BEA. Actually heading into the city today for a quick meet up. I’m not sure when you arrive but email me if you want to go for a walk. Sheila (Book Journey) and I are planning to meet and get in a city walk before she goes to an event tonight.


          • At 2012.06.03 10:58, JoAnn said:

            Enjoy every moment!!

            • At 2012.06.03 15:53, Amy @ My Friend Amy said:

              Have so much fun, friend!

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              • At 2012.06.03 16:31, Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said:

                OMG OMG OMG I’m so envious.
                I’ve been blogging since 2009 and every year I dream of going.
                Perhaps next year the stars will align for me.
                Best of luck.
                Safe travels.
                I look forward to hearing about your adventures, thoughts, and finds.

                • At 2012.06.03 20:52, Anita said:

                  I hope you have the best week!! I’m not sure I’ll ever get to BEA, but a girl can dream right? I’ll certainly wait for your blog updates next week….but you best be tweeting some…deal?

                  • At 2012.06.04 06:27, Serena said:

                    have a great time

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                    • At 2012.06.04 10:40, Roof Beam Reader said:

                      Lucky, lucky you! I’ve wanted to go so badly these last two years, but it just hasn’t been in the cards (read: budget). Maybe next year. Although, probably not since I’ll be getting married at the end of May next year.. haha

                      • At 2012.06.04 14:18, Ti said:

                        Someday we’ll meet. Enjoy yourself!

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                        • At 2012.06.05 09:50, Karen White said:

                          So great to meet you last night, Jennifer, and I look forward to our narrator/blogger lunch today! See you soon…

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                          • At 2012.06.05 11:36, Roberta Rich said:

                            Hello Jennifer,
                            I hope to see you at BEA. It’s a first time for me too!
                            The MIdwife of Venice

                            • At 2012.06.05 23:00, Julie Merilatt said:

                              Hi Jennifer, it was so awesome hanging out with you at BCC and BEA. Had the most fun with the girls hanging out on the Expo floor. Glad I found you when you were looking so bewildered! Keep in touch, sweetie…

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