#483 ~ Invisible Murder

Invisible Murder by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis

Published by: Soho Press

Published on: October 2, 2012

Page Count: 352

Genre: Crime Fiction

My Reading Format: Audiobook review copy provided by AudioGo in order to participate in this tour.

Audiobook Published by: AudioGo

Narrator: Katherine Kellgren

Audiobook Length: 11 hours 23 minutes

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Available Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

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My Review

In an attempt to see that Roma children suffering from a undetermined violent illness get medical treatment, Red Cross nurse Nina Borg finds herself embroiled in a toxic situation that threatens her life and her family in ways she never would have imagined. This second outing by authors Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis isn’t just a fast paced crime thriller. It also provided interesting commentary about race and poverty.

As I’ve come to expect from Kaaberbøl and Friis, Invisible Murder begins with seemingly unconnected and frantic threads of stories. As the novel progresses, those disparate story lines begin to weave together in such a way that the reader begins to see a hazy pattern with plenty of tempting red herrings along the way. As with The Boy in the Suitcase, once the characters and stories begin to gel in my mind, the novel really takes off. While I didn’t find the overall plot as compelling as The Boy in the Suitcase, there is so much at stake for so many people that it was difficult to pull myself away from the book. As Nina is a character I fully intend to follow, the developments surrounding her character were front and center to me. I appreciated how this thriller did not take the most obvious paths.

As much as I enjoyed Invisible Murder, it was not perfect. The ending was disappointing. Not only was it not par with the shocking ending of The Boy with the Suitcase, it was disappointing and less than believable. Sandor, one of the best written characters in both of the Nina Borg novels, deserved a better explanation for his suffering. Then again, sometimes life isn’t fair and the most innocuous people and events can send our worlds spinning off orbit.

Katherine Kellgren returns to narrate this second novel in the Nina Borg series and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Her narration has a way to anchor you into a story and make you keep listening. Invisible Murder is diverse in characters and Kellgren delivers across the board both with accents and pronunciations. I couldn’t imagine listening to this series without her. She is Nina’s voice.

Following up a novel like The Boy with the Suitcase is no small task. While I was  unsatisfied with the ending, there is much to recommend about Invisible Murder. Nina is such a great character and I look forward to following her story in the next novel, especially her relationship with her daughter Ida. Sandor’s character is heartbreaking and sheds light on the racial injustice that still exists across the planet. Katherine Kellgren and her skilled narration is just as important to this novel’s success. As someone who gets frustrated when I can’t pronounce the names or words I’m reading, audiobooks and their skilled narrators are invaluable to me in situations like this. If you like your literary escapes to be on the darker side and full of action, pick up Invisible Murder. Make it the audiobook for that little extra sizzle that only Katherine Kellgren can deliver.

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  • At 2012.10.25 13:45, Sandy said:

    I’m chuckling to myself. OK I listened to The Boy in the Suitcase. I wasn’t totally fond of the narrator…her voice was edgy and harsh to me for some reason. And the ending was shocking? I don’t remember a shocking ending! Am I sleepwalking? Good grief! Plus AudioGo did tell me I’d be on this tour, but apparently not. So I am out of sorts. I’m glad, though, that overall this one was a good addition to the series.

    • At 2012.10.25 15:01, Literate Housewife said:

      Oh, no! I’m sorry you weren’t on the tour. There may have been a glitch because the person at AudioGo who normally coordinates the tour dates went on maternity leave just before this got solidified. Katherine Kellgren is the same narrator as for the first. As far as I can remember, her style is the same. I don’t know if that helps or not.

      I remember being surprised by how TBITS wrapped up. You might be a more savvy mystery/thriller reader than I am. LOL! I’m not one to figure things out unless they are the most obvious. I can admit to that.

      On a completely unrelated note, are you happy to be a hurricane? I’ve kind of been waiting to be one myself. If I ever was one, I missed the news. 🙂

      • At 2012.11.09 13:54, Jill said:

        Sandy, I’m so sorry you were inadvertently left off the tour! I’m about to contact you via email. Apologies, Jill

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