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is an audiobook narrator with over 150 titles to his credit. His first full length audiobook took home an Audie Award. I have to think this was a pretty good sign that he found his calling. Since then he’s won Earphones Awards as well as Best Voice Awards from AudioFile Magazine. He also was voted as one of the first five male narrators on the Listener’s List here at Literate Housewife. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of listening to one of his audiobooks, but if his correspondence and contribution is any indication, Oliver is one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet. He’s quirky, he’s funny, he loves audiobooks, and he adores his family. What can beat that?

One of the books you consistently see on the Best of 2012 is list is Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain. I’m hoping it gets nominated for an Audie Award to give me the push I need to read it and to listen to Oliver’s narration. I love books published by Algonquin Books and Oliver narrates Until the Next Time by Kevin Fox. Another interesting title is Guns N’ Roses’ ‘User Your Illusion’ I and 11 by Eric Weisbard. I still remember lining waiting for Believe in Music to open at midnight so I could buy those CDs as soon as they were released. For those who love to read series, there is the Monster Hunter series by Larry Correia and the Morningstar Strain series by Z. A. Recht. For next year, keep Oliver’s work on The Christmas Blessing by Donna VanLiere in mind.

You can learn more about Oliver on his AudioFile Magazine bio. He is also on Twitter.


In today’s Baby, It’s Cold Outside post, Oliver talks about the magic of Christmas for children. I’ve included both a printed version as well as his narration in order to share the pictures. Enjoy!


batcave1Holidays have always been a big deal in my family. My mother always goes all out– especially when it comes to Christmas. Growing up in NYC, I never really got to enjoy a lot of the traditional winter activities (throwing snowballs at taxis was always fun, but snowmen made of grey slush just didn’t have the same appeal), and most of my fondest memories of Christmas are things like getting the Mego Batman and Robin and the Batcave playset when I was a kid or getting my first computer as a teenager. And of course those classic Christmas TV shows like the Grinch and all those Rankin/Bass stop-motion cartoons like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I lived for those. So for me, Christmas has always been about kids and kid stuff. Now that I have kids of my own, even more so. The first time I sat down and watched The March of the Wooden Soldiers with my little ones, it was like I was seeing it again for the first time. I never get tired of it. It’s a joy for me every year, and it will be until they’re old enough to be embarrassed by me tearing up when Stan and Ollie start winding up the soldiers.


For many years, I played Santa Claus at the place where my mother works and all her co-workers would bring their children to get presents and meet the fat elf himself. And every year I would call up beforehand to find out what each of the kids were wearing so I would be able to call them by name when I saw them (I didn’t know them well enough to recognize them and there were quite a few of them). The look on their faces was priceless, and I imagine that they were pretty well-behaved after meeting this seemingly omniscient old codger in a red suit, at least until C-Day anyway.

rudolph1222I know it’s a little corny, but the holidays are truly magic for little kids — I remember, and I get a little taste of that magic from my kids every year. And it’s so important that we let them have that magic for as long as they can hold on to it. The holidays have different meaning for many people, but to children they will always be a time of hope and joy and expectation, which we must never deny them. I may have become old and cynical, but nothing makes me happier than the joy of my children, and for that reason I will always love Christmas.

However you celebrate the holidays, please be safe and happy and love your children with all your might. Have a very Happy New Year and may it bring peace and joy to you and yours.


  • At 2012.12.28 09:23, Natalie ~ the Coffee and a Book Chick said:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to read this! I just listened to LEGION by Brandon Sanderson, which is a short two-hour sci-fi audio, and it is AWESOME. Oliver Wyman was fantastic; the voices were intensely different and it was such a joy to listen to this story. I was making excuses to be in the car just so I could listen to the story. I just checked on Audible.com and it’s still available for free!! It’s the perfect audio for anyone who wants to also try sci-fi for the first time as well – a great story and fantastic narration! I’ll definitely be listening to more of Oliver Wyman’s work!

    Happy Holidays to you all!

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