Scott Brick ~ Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

is an Audie Award winning narrator who has earned numerous Earphones and Best Voice awards from AudioFile Magazine. Currently, a Scott Brick search on Audible returns a whopping 481 audiobooks. He certainly has quite a library to his name. He is charming via email, but all I really needed to know about his character I learned from Natalie from Book Line and Sinker. Not only did he make everyone’s day during June is Audiobook Month in 2011 when Natalie published the infamous phone interview, he featured Natalie in this year’s JIAM post. What’s not to love about an audiobook narrator who embraces his fans? I say absolutely nothing.

Scott has narrated a vast variety of books covering almost every genre. For example, he’s narrated many Clive Cussler, Harlan Coben, Frank Herbert, and Nelson DeMille titles. I personally enjoyed his work on In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Those who enjoy true crime might also want to pick up The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. He surprised me (because I didn’t read the cast list before listening) when he showed up in The Mark of Zorro, which I listened to for the Armchair Audies. Those people who like action should check out the Jason Bourne series by Robert Ludlum. So many people are talking about Justin Cronin’s The Passage Trilogy, that I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Scott has narrated the first two books. Finally, for Christmas zest, you can purchase Scott’s own version of A Christmas Carol from his website. He performed it in the spirit of an Orson Welles radio program, including special music.

You can discover more about Scott on his website and his AudioFile Magazine bio. He is also on Twitter.



Scott has written a tribute to his great grandfather, Jim Dennison. Not only did this man connect him to the spoken word in ways he didn’t immediately realize, it was his love for Jim that inspired Scott to go on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift. It is a touching story about love and family that will warm your heart. After listening to his narration and looking at the pictures included, it comes as no surprise to me that Scott would become the man he is today.

Click on the image below to visit Scott’s blog and learn more about how his great-grandfather influenced his life. Not only has Scott written this story beautifully, there is an audio version as well.



  • At 2012.12.20 09:23, bermudaonion(Kathy) said:

    Thanks for linking to Scott’s story – reading it made me tear up.

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    • At 2012.12.20 11:56, Cassandra Campbell said:

      Scott! What an amazing story. I do remember your tribute to him on Facebook and I’ve heard you talk with such fondness for the old radio shows, but i never knew about the Black Crows. I love how you transport no only your grandfather but all of us back through the history of recorded sound. thanks for sharing this with us! It’s a great gift! Merry Christmas!!

      • At 2012.12.20 12:41, Kathe Mazur said:

        Wow. Wow. I am so touched and moved. As always, you lift us all up, you point to the very best that we are, that our field is. Thank you, my dear friend. Merry Christmas.

        • At 2012.12.20 12:43, Amy Rubinate said:

          I love this story! I think I’ll play it for everyone at home at Xmas – my mom’s a big cryer, and she loved this!

          • At 2012.12.20 13:00, Wayne Farrell said:

            A wonderful narrator, teacher and ambassador for audiobooks.
            One of the all-time greats. Up there with Frank Muller.

            Merry Christmas everyone!


            • At 2012.12.20 13:38, coleen Marlo said:

              Beautiful Scott, you brought so much love and tenderness to my day. The story made me think of my beloved Nanny. You inspire us all with our mutual love of the spoken word and for guiding the way to excellence. Merry Christmas my friend. xo

              • At 2012.12.20 14:00, Sandy said:

                I do love me some Scott Brick. I swear these guys are like rock stars to me. Forget The Stones, give me an evening with Brick, Sachs and Vance, thank you.

                • At 2012.12.20 20:28, Serena said:

                  That is so wonderful!

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                  • At 2012.12.22 16:06, Natalie at Book Line and Sinker said:

                    My boyfriend!!!! I am currently listening to one of his recent reads–THE PANTHER by Nelson DeMille. I love how he embodies the character. Great post, J–thanks for the links. 🙂

                    Merry Christmas!!

                    • At 2012.12.23 09:50, Tavia Gilbert said:

                      Scott, my dear friend, thank you for the gift of this beautiful story. Merry Christmas to you.

                      • At 2012.12.25 12:44, Clydene said:

                        Thank you for this story about Scott. He is equally Charming in person (like a Prince). He knows a lot about popular culture comic books, science fiction, and everything else including stories about spies and pirate treasure. Truly a man for all seasons!

                        • At 2014.11.09 06:15, Sheila (Book Journey) said:

                          I love that you do this every year!!! I find great audio through you!

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