My First Read-a-Thon Begins!

dewey1-300x300This is it! For the first time, I have set aside 24 hours to read and read some more. This read-a-thon is a book blogging tradition and I’ve enjoyed watching people participate twice a year each year. There were a time or two when I participated a little here and there and have done a little cheer leading. With two small children, fully participating just wasn’t a possibility. The October edition usually took place on the same weekend that we celebrated Emma and Allison’s birthdays, so it was out all together. Not this year. This October it feel on my birthday weekend and I have a beloved friend who agreed to take on my munchkins for those same 24 hours so I could read to my heart’s content. That is precisely what I plan to do.

Because I don’t want to overwhelm anyone’s blog feed, I will primarily be providing updates on my tumblr account, something I haven’t used in two years. I tested it this afternoon and I can still log in. I may post a short mid-point and final update here, but that’s about it. I will also be active on Twitter. We shall see how this all pans out, but I am planning on taking a 10 minute break each hour to give my eyes or ears a rest. Since this is my inaugural event, I’m going to play it all by ear. The goal for me is to simply relax and enjoy my love of reading. If I can’t read the entire time, so be it. If I need longer breaks, so be it. If I want to spend an hour cheer leading, that’s what I’ll do. No pressure, just fun.

Although any book in my house is fair game and I am not against taking an audiobook and driving to the library or Barnes and Noble if I want something else, here are the books I’ve got in my sights initially.


First I need to finish The Teleportation Accident. After that, the tippy top of my bookshelves is the limit. 🙂

To Andi and Heather who organizing this event, all of the people who have provided them support, guest posts, and prizes, and to all of the cheer leaders, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do. Each and every event is something special. You don’t have to participate to see that. I have been looking forward to this for months. Bless you!

I’ll start reading the moment I wake up since I’ll be meeting my friend for breakfast to drop off the kids so I’ll be taking a longish break after the girls wake up. Wish me and everyone else who’s participating luck. If you’re with me today, let’s get our book on!


  • At 2013.10.12 12:19, Megan said:

    Yay for doing the Readathon for the first time! It’s so much fun, I’m glad everything came together for you to have the time to participate. Here’s hoping you have a fantastic day of reading! =D

    • At 2013.10.12 17:41, Shannon @ River City Reading said:

      I just started The Maid’s Version and it’s already gorgeous. Seems like it will be a good one for readathon because it’s nice and quick!

      • At 2013.10.13 08:33, Sheila (Book JOurney) said:

        Enjoy! I love the Read A Thon,, I just had too much going on this tie to participate!

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