During the first two years I was blogging I gorged myself on Tudor related books, especially those written by Philippa Gregory. After a while, though, I got burned out and my ravenous reading of all things Henry VIII all but disappeared. The fact that I really never cared to watch The Tudors is evidence of this. Yes, there were the historical inaccuracies, but I was done. Then Hilary Mantel came along and she made me like Thomas Cromwell. After reading Bring Up the Bodies, I found my old interests return. This and the magic that is the brewing of ideas with Michelle (Reader’s Respite) on Twitter gave birth to #TudorFest2013. And because Michelle is so crafty and her TuderFest post is so perfect, the best way to highlight the Tudor titles we’ve selected for our first annual* TudorFest is through this gorgeous birthmark.


We’ll be listening to all of the titles this year, beginning with Simon Vance’s work on The Winter King. Currently I’m a little over half way through. I’ll be switching out Bring Up the Bodies for Queen’s Gambit since I’ve already listened to Simon’s work on Bring Up the Bodies. Plus, Michelle twisted my arm. Then we’re on to the two bricks by Margaret George. I loved George’s The Autobiography of Henry VIII, so I’m curious to see if I’ll continue to like her work. This will be my last attempt reading Elizabeth I fiction. Thus far I haven’t much enjoyed her as a character. If I don’t like Elizabeth I, I’ll consider that I’ve given her my best shot. We’ll end off with poor Mary.

What’s great about this little Tudor marathon is that there is no pressure. If any one of these books do not appeal to us, we’re free to move on to the next title. There also isn’t a hard and fast time limit. Given the length of the George audiobooks, this could go well into November and December. It’s all good. We’re also open to others joining us at any time. You can read them all or read just one. We’ll be happy to have you. You can join the conversation using the #TudorFest2013 on Twitter.

So now you know what’s going to be keeping me listening over the next month or two. Are there any Tudor audiobooks you would to your own list? I’m already keeping a list of audiobooks to consider for next year’s event. There will be an event next year, won’t there Michelle?


  • At 2013.10.11 07:45, Julie Merilatt said:

    Sounds like fun! I loved the Mantel Books and Winter King was decent. I have yet to tackle a George behemoth. If I wasn’t eschewing challenges, I would totally participate. But I can live vicariously through you!

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    • At 2013.10.11 08:41, JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing said:

      What fun! The Winter King was a good audio (thanks to Simon Vance), but not sure I would have made it to the end in print. I have a print copy of Bring Up the Bodies on my shelf, though listening is more appealing.

      • At 2013.10.11 09:25, Judith McCullough said:

        Jennifer, you should really try watching The Tudors. It may not be historically factual, but I enjoyed it as much as any mimi-series I’ve ever watched. I loved it!

        • At 2013.10.11 09:27, Judith McCullough said:

          Thank you for rearranging the comments with the most current first!

          • At 2013.10.11 10:48, Michele said:

            Dear gawd, I can’t believe you posted that stamping atrocity, lol. It’s even worse than I remember! You can tell you are a mom at heart because you think all handmade things beautiful, lol. And yes, I do very much hope this will be an annual event. FWIW, I kinda got a kick out of the Tudors series, although mostly because I love James Frain (Cromwell). It was a rainy day kinda show. And did they really have that much sex in the 16th century? You wouldn’t think so given the lack of bathing…..ewwwww. But I’ve digressed as usual. Here’s to us! Read on!

            • At 2013.10.11 12:30, dogearedcopy/Tanya said:

              I won’t be able to play along with the titles that make up Tudor Fest; but I do have a title or two that I could get to before the year is out and that qualify. One of them is A Murder of Crows (a mystery by P.F. Chisholm; narrated by Steven Crossley) and, of course there’s more Shakespeare around here than I can shake a stick at! Hmmm, maybe I’ll call my effort the Tudor Fringe Fest, LOL!

              I think that I’ll defiinitely block out this time next year on my reading “dance card”! 🙂

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