First Book of 2014!

FirstBookoftheYearBookJourneyHappy 2014! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful New Year’s celebration. If you’re not feeling so well today, you’re probably not reading this (feel better soon!). For those of you who are, I’m participating in Sheila from Book Journey’s First Book of the Year event. The goal of Sheila’s event is to celebrate the first book you read during the year. I’ve never really thought much about it until I heard about this. It’s made me excited to pick up my first book ever since.

The book I have chosen as my first book of 2014 is a book I bought back in July. It’s one of dozens (I admit it) books I bought last year and still haven’t read. What bumped this particular book up on my list to make it First Book of the Year worthy was receiving a second copy of it in my BookRiot Quarterly box. Instead of being disappointed by receiving a duplicate book (the box was a whole lot of fun and I loved everything about it), I was inspired by what was said in the first paragraph of the box’s liner notes:

And the book couldn’t just be well-loved. It had to connect to the idea that words have power and can change our lives.

This power from words is something that I’ve lost sight of in 2013. My aim is to get back in touch with this again, making Lexicon the perfect First Book of the Year for me. I’m going to treasure reading it. While I do I will be using my new BookRiot Quarterly box pencils for any and all marginalia that comes to mind. I’ll also be thinking about who will most appreciate reading the first copy of the book I bought. I’m keeping the BookRiot version for myself. It contains hand written Post It notes from the author. Stuff like that brings out the nerd in me.

LiterateHousewifeReadsLexiconHere’s to all the first books of 2014! I’d love to hear what you’ve picked as your own. Thanks so much for hosting this, Sheila!



  • At 2014.01.01 08:50, Jenn's Bookshelves said:

    I LOVED this book, one of my favorites read last year. I think you will truly enjoy it as well.

    The first book I’m reading in 2014 I technically started last night: INNOCENCE by Dean Koontz.

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    • At 2014.01.01 09:18, Jennifer said:

      I am so glad to hear that, Jenn! That’s another feather in this book’s cap. Will you be surprised when I tell you I’ve never read any Dean Koontz? My guess is no. LOL!

    • At 2014.01.01 08:56, Jennifer said:

      I know exactly what you mean, Kailana. There is that edge where one version of the book would have been better than the other. Let me know what you think about the audiobook version. I’ll do the same for print.

      • At 2014.01.01 09:07, Jennifer said:

        I haven’t heard of that book. I just checked out the summary and it sounds very good. I’m glad you’re loving it. I’ll let you know about Lexicon.

        • At 2014.01.01 09:07, Jennifer said:

          I am really looking forward to it. I’ll keep you posted.

          • At 2014.01.01 09:09, Kristin T. said:

            I don’t know much about this book, so I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

            Happy New Year!!!
            My First Book of the Year

            • At 2014.01.01 15:10, Jennifer said:

              It should be interesting. It’s definitely different than anything I’ve been reading recently.

            • At 2014.01.01 09:10, Jennifer said:

              Happy New Year to you! We are twins. Although I read some good books last year, reading lost it’s luster and significance for me personally. Maybe fewer better selected books will do the trick. Here’s to readers like us this year. :)

              • At 2014.01.01 09:14, Jennifer said:

                I have seen Rex Stout books every where, but I’ve never read one. You will have to let me know. I’m curious about The Stainless Steel Rat since it inspired the name of one of my favorite blogs. And Phil Gigante. :)

                • At 2014.01.01 09:22, Deb Nance At Readerbuzz said:

                  Enjoy! The author’s notes make it very special.

                  Here’s mine.

                  • At 2014.01.01 15:11, Jennifer said:

                    Don’t they? I didn’t read the liner notes and saw one. I read it and then noticed there were others. I’ve decided not to read any more until I get to them.

                  • At 2014.01.01 09:23, Vasilly said:

                    I’ve never heard of this book before so I’m going to look it up. Happy reading!

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                    • At 2014.01.01 15:14, Jennifer said:

                      Thanks! So far so good. It’s definitely interesting.

                    • At 2014.01.01 09:27, Judy said:

                      I have not heard of Lexicon. I will have to do some research to see if it is one to add to my TBR list! What am I saying, of course I will add it to my list. I always have to read what everyone else is reading! LOL.

                      • At 2014.01.01 15:17, Jennifer said:

                        Isn’t that the way? I can have my eye on a book and then hear everyone talking about something else and my attention is completely drawn away. :)

                      • At 2014.01.01 09:46, Elizabeth said:

                        Good choice….nice photo. This is so fun getting to see everyone’s books.

                        Happy New Year!!!

                        Stop by my blog tomorrow for an international giveaway of Jubilee’s Journey!!

                        Silver’s Reviews
                        My First Book of The Year

                        • At 2014.01.01 15:18, Jennifer said:

                          Thanks so much, Elizabeth. It’s a little blurry because little hands took it, but it was good enough. You could see the book at least. LOL!

                        • At 2014.01.01 10:08, Laura Fabiani said:

                          Words do have power! I love books like this too and have several in my personal library. Enjoy reading it!

                          • At 2014.01.01 15:21, Jennifer said:

                            Thank you! I am really hoping to enjoy it. I need to put a book with word power in my regular rotation. I will appreciate the way they grab my heart. I also think I’ll appreciate the more fun books more as well.

                          • At 2014.01.01 10:13, Nise' said:

                            I am loving seeing everyone with their books. Not familiar with this one, but will check it out. Happy New Year. I choose a book by one of my favorite authors.

                            • At 2014.01.01 15:22, Jennifer said:

                              Happy New Reading Year. :)

                            • At 2014.01.01 10:17, Jennifer said:

                              Wonderful pick and I agree words do have power! So happy we have gotten to know each other this year and I’m excited to see your blog grow in 2014.

                              • At 2014.01.01 15:23, Jennifer said:

                                I’m glad you liked it, Jennifer! I am glad we’ve gotten to know each other better, too. That is just another way that reading is powerful. :)

                                • At 2014.01.01 16:11, Jennifer said:

                                  So true! And I haven’t read LEXICON yet but did get it in my BookRiot Quarterly package. So will read it soon!

                              • At 2014.01.01 10:19, Kathy Martin said:

                                I haven’t heard of this book but your description made me curious. I hope it lives up to your expectations. Happy New Year and happy reading! I added my first book post to Sheila’s Linky.

                                • At 2014.01.01 15:28, Jennifer said:

                                  Happy New Year to you, too!

                                • At 2014.01.01 10:19, Shan said:

                                  This is a book that is new to me so I will definitely have to go check it out.
                                  My First Book of 2014

                                  • At 2014.01.01 15:30, Jennifer said:

                                    Ditto. I’d not heard of your choice, either. It sounds fascinating. I hope our choices get our year off to a great start.

                                  • At 2014.01.01 10:20, Laurel-Rain Snow said:

                                    Lexicon is new to me, but it sounds wonderful! And how auspicious that you would get a duplicate copy. Enjoy! Happy New Year, and here’s MY FIRST BOOK OF THE YEAR POST

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                                    AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE


                                    • At 2014.01.01 15:34, Jennifer said:

                                      I know. It was kind of like a sign: “Read me, dummy!” LOL! Happy New Year!

                                    • At 2014.01.01 10:49, Colletta said:

                                      Great picture! Enjoy your first read!

                                      Here’s my post:



                                      • At 2014.01.01 15:42, Jennifer said:

                                        Thanks! Happy New Year!

                                      • At 2014.01.01 10:51, Judith McCullough said:

                                        My first book of 2014 is Mistress to Henry VII Bessie Blount. I plan to start it today. All things “Henry VIII” still fascinates me.

                                        • At 2014.01.01 15:35, Jennifer said:

                                          I love Henry VIII myself. I haven’t read that book, though. More books for my TBR! :) Happy New Year and enjoy your read!

                                        • At 2014.01.01 11:01, Gigi Ann said:

                                          Sounds like an interesting book to begin 2014 off with. I’m reading a mystery to begin 2014.

                                          • At 2014.01.01 15:44, Jennifer said:

                                            It’s definitely something different and just what I needed. Happy New Year!

                                          • At 2014.01.01 11:25, Brunette Librarian said:

                                            You look so happy! :) Have a fabulous year and I hope you have some great reads this year!!
                                            The Brunette Librarian’s 1st book of 2014

                                            • At 2014.01.01 15:46, Jennifer said:

                                              I look just as happy as you did in yours. We’re lucky readers! :) Happy New Year!

                                            • At 2014.01.01 12:20, Belle said:

                                              Oh – I’ve often wondered if those Quarterly boxes would be fun! I’ll have to go check it out. Enjoy!

                                              • At 2014.01.01 15:39, Jennifer said:

                                                I loved every aspect of that box. It was a nice little present to give myself. I highly recommend it. Happy New Year!

                                              • At 2014.01.01 14:57, Kathryn@Book Date said:

                                                I don’t know of this book, but isn’t it good to pick up one that has been around for awhile and you keep meaning to read. I did the same.

                                                • At 2014.01.01 15:50, Jennifer said:

                                                  It is a good thing to do. With so many new books coming out all of the time, good books often get lost in the cracks.

                                                • At 2014.01.01 15:42, Brooke Bumgardner said:

                                                  I haven’t heard of this book. Yet another to place on my TBR. :) What is BookRiot?

                                                  My first read of the year is here if you’d like to check it out: http://brookeblogs.com/?p=8122

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                                                  • At 2014.01.01 15:55, Jennifer said:

                                                    BookRiot is a website devoted to all things books. Here’s a link: http://bookriot.com/. I love their eclectic approach. It’s a fun site. Check it out.

                                                  • At 2014.01.01 17:34, kai charles (Fiction State of Mind) said:

                                                    Great post here is mine. I chose Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

                                                    Fiction State Of Mind: First Book of The Year http://fictionstateofmind.blogspot.com/2014/01/first-book-of-year.html?spref=tw

                                                    • At 2014.01.01 18:17, Cynthia said:

                                                      I have this one on my TBR pile. Enjoy your first read of the year! I’ll be interested to see what you think of this one.!

                                                      The Things You Can Read

                                                      • At 2014.01.01 19:11, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

                                                        That sounds like a terrific book to start the new year. I’d love to know what else was in the Book Riot box. Happy New Year!

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                                                        • At 2014.01.01 19:46, Sheila (Book JOurney) said:

                                                          I am so glad you participated Jennifer! Happy New Year! 2014 right!!!

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                                                          • At 2014.01.07 15:43, Teresa said:

                                                            I haven’t read this one, but completely understand what you mean about reading losing something over the last year. Hopefully this will revive it for you. I don’t know that I read anything that really affected me last year either. Many were good, but still something was missing.

                                                            • At 2014.01.23 04:00, Odds and Ends said:

                                                              […] do everything and anything other than read. 2014 has been a lot kinder. I started the year reading Lexicon and it was fantastic. Then I loved each of the three February releases I picked up for […]

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