Audio Mini ~ My Own Miraculous by Joshilyn Jackson

My Own Miraculous by Joshilyn JacksonCover of My Own Miraculous
William Morrow Impulse ~ October 29, 2013 ~ 128 pages
HarperAudio ~ narrated by the author ~ 2 hours 19 minutes

Because I’m not the most diligent of researchers and often completely miss a lot of bookish things, I was unaware of the existence My Own Miraculous before I began reading Someone Else’s Love Story. I kicked myself because this short story is a prequel. I picked up the audiobook anyway as I wanted all that there was of this story that there was available. Joshilyn Jackson narrated and I love what she does with her work. I would categorize her along with Neil Gaiman as authors who more than do justice to their audiobooks. My Own Miraculous focuses on the moment when Shandi first became a true mother. Despite enjoying Jackson’s narration, this didn’t work as well for me as the novel did. There was just something off about it, at least when combined with the novel. It had the hallmarks of a good Joshilyn Jackson read – the interesting characters and the wonderful use of language – but it was too much in some way. I am glad that I read it after Someone Else’s Love Story. I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have felt as though I knew all that I wanted to know about those characters. Then I would have missed out on Someone Else’s Love Story. I would still recommend My Own Miraculous, but only after having read Someone Else’s Love Story. It provides some interesting background, but I’m glad it wasn’t included in the novel itself.

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