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Despite my earlier promise, I’ve not done much blogging yet this year. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy doing other things. In many ways, life has been much better and happier now than it’s been in a very long time. At some point I’ll catch my footing and figure out a way to incorporate blogging and reading back into my life. For now, I’m very content.

There are a couple of things I’d like to share with you now. As of Thursday, I’ve officially lost 42.2 pounds! I celebrated by having my picture taken with the 40 pound weight in my company’s gym. While I could pick it up, it wasn’t comfortable to hold for very long. This got me to thinking about how my poor heart and hip and knee joints especially had to carry all that extra weight 24/7. As ecstatic as I am about my weight loss, I know that my body is that much more pleased. While I still have my emotional eating moments and always will, I am discovering that dealing with what fills me with joy, sadness, anger, despair, and sorrow makes for a much more fulfilling life than the best binge ever could. I’m not sure what it is about me that makes eating my feelings easier than getting them out, but I’m choosing to look at this as the big lesson I need to learn in this life. I’m excited to see where this will take me down the road.

A Good Kind of 40
As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve really gotten into BBC’s Sherlock. I thank Cassandra every day for the fun and whimsy her gentle prompting has brought into my life. Nothing is as fun as having an intelligent obsession. My life BBC (Before Benedict Cumberbatch) is a thing of the past. I devoured all three seasons of the show. Season 3 was extraordinary and yes, I did miss Moriarty. I love my heroes and heroines best when the best, most diabolical villains have them in their sights. I got caught up on how Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans went from being Cumberbitches to the Cumber-Collective (ugh). I wasn’t calling myself anything until I got an otherwise unrelated email from Farin last Wednesday. She called me a Cumberbunny and that fueled my creativity in a MAJOR way. From that moment on, I had only Cumberbunnies on my mind. I went yarn shopping the next day and after studying a few bunny amigurumi patterns, created the first Official Cumberbunny, complete with removeable hat and scarf. If you look closely, you can even see his red button hole. There is a touch or two that are dependent upon a special shipment, but I couldn’t really wait any longer to share it. I am in love. Even my daughter Allison who pretty much roles her eyes when I talk about Sherlock or Benedict Cumberbatch has asked if she could sleep with it. “Hell no!” I say in my head. To her I said, “This Cumberbunny is mine all mine!”



  • At 2014.02.10 11:39, Kailana said:

    Congrats on the weight loss!! That’s so exciting. :) And what a great way to capture it. :) Hope to see you back around the blogosphere soon!

    • At 2014.02.10 12:45, Julie Merilatt said:

      Super proud of you Jennifer! You are a rock star, don’t ever forget it…

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      • At 2014.02.10 13:42, jenn aka the picky girl said:

        The Cumberbunny is SO SO cute. I love it. Very well done.
        And 42.2 pounds? Dang, woman. You’ve busted it. So impressed with you and so glad you’re feeling so great about yourself. Fantastic all around.

        I’m just so sad Sherlock is already gone again. :(

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        • At 2014.02.10 14:55, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

          Congratulations on the weight loss!!

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          • At 2014.02.10 19:53, Anita said:

            The weight loss is just fantastic!! In my mind I know I need to get busy losing, but my heart isn’t in it yet. We shall see. I haven’t watched Sherlock yet….soon maybe. I adore the bunny….super cute!
            I miss your book reviews, but honestly all things in life come and go….I’m glad we are friends.

            • At 2014.02.11 10:30, Beth Hoffman said:

              Wow, Jennifer … you are amazing. What an accomplishment! Brava to you, my friend!

              • At 2014.02.11 12:09, Cassandra said:

                When I took my red-dress pictures, you said that I had inspired you about the weight loss. I wish that the inspiration had held true for me, but life got hard. It’s a lot easier now, so hopefully I can follow through this time around.

                I am so happy to have introduced you to the world of Sherlock, and I love having someone that I can fangirl with. That bunny is so freaking cute that I just can’t contain my excitement!

                • At 2014.02.15 18:32, Lu said:

                  a) so many congratulations to you on your weight loss/health journey!!!!! I’m so happy for you.
                  b) CUMBERBUNNY! I can’t even hand the cute.

                  • At 2015.05.06 14:07, Esther said:

                    I came up with that name also…cumberbunny. I don’t know why others don’t use it. We can be the cumberbunnies. A refine group of Cumberbatch female fans! I love your little Cumberbunny.

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