Filling in the Blanks ~ 03/11/2014

BlanksIn an attempt to breathe some new life into blogging, I’ve been thinking about ways I could mix things up. I need some things I could post on a regular basis that could be quick and fun. One thought that kept recurring was to post the answers to a weekly list of questions. This feature had several names before I settled on calling it Filling in the Blanks. These basic sentences will largely remain the same, but I may mix things up from time to time by adding new blanks. If there is something you’d like to know about me on a weekly basis, by all means let me know. I can’t make any promises, but I’m here to please. If you’d like to fill in your own blanks, feel free to do so. Now let’s fill in some blanks:

I’m reading The Martian by Andy Weir.

Book shopping with bookish friends is a dangerous activity. I walked into Barnes and Noble with no intentions of picking up anything remotely science fiction. Then Cassandra pointed out the first line. It was all over from that point forward. How could I not buy and immediately start reading a book that begins, “I’m pretty much fucked.”? It’s still early days, but it’s been a lot of fun to read thus far.

I’m listening to The Testament of Mary by Colm Toibin, narrated by Meryl Streep.

My initial approach to the Armchair Audies Literary Fiction category was to start with The Goldfinch. I enjoy David Pittu’s narration and I’ve wanted to read that book since July. The audiobook is 32 hours long, though. I worry about getting burned out right from the beginning, so I’m putting that on hold and starting this audiobook instead.

Bruno Mars, OneRepublic, and New Politics have been music to my ears this week.

I’m crafting not much this week at all.

I’m thinking about how to get my daughters to keep their rooms clean.

This is one parenting hurdle I’ve earned. It doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

My weight loss journey is suffering from long term motivation.

I do well for one day or one week and then I’m back off. I’m not giving up, though. Spring is coming and I am keeping activity as my focus. My mojo will return and I’m not going to let myself go back. Maintaining my current weight is far preferable to gaining what I’ve lost back. I’ll figure this out. I just need to be patient with myself.

I’m loving the spring weather.


I’m looking forward to my trip to Las Vegas the weekend of the 21st to celebrate my best friend Trista’s upcoming 4oth birthday.

We’ll be staying at the Monte Carlo and seeing Penn & Teller. It’s going to be a great time.


  • At 2014.03.11 06:31, Sandy said:

    Well, if you figure out how to get the kids to keep their rooms clean, LET ME KNOW. My son is OCD because of his AHDH meds, so his room isn’t bad. But my daughter is a slob. I’ve been on her for most of her life, and it just doesn’t work. Ugh. And hang tough on the weight loss journey. After awhile I just get pissed and tired of it all. Sometimes you just have to go on a maintenance thing while you steel yourself for the next round.

    • At 2014.03.11 07:54, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

      My local bookseller loved The Martian and is selling it with a money back guarantee. I do think you’ll get your weight loss mojo back if you don’t force things. I know you can do this!!

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      • At 2014.03.11 09:12, Karen White said:

        I struggle with the rooms clean thing, too. I am trying to explain to my slobby daughter why making the bed everyday is important – all I can come up with is “That’s what civilized people do!” I am hoping i can just set a few limits like that, clothes in the hamper and keeping the floor navigable without sharp things lying around (she sews so this is an issue), and then let her live in the rest of the mess…

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        • At 2014.03.11 10:33, Beth Hoffman said:

          I hope you and your friend Trista have a wonderful time!

          • At 2014.03.11 16:04, Ti said:

            Jennifer, regarding the weight loss effort… give yourself a cheat day. I weighed in on Saturdays so my cheat day was usually right after that but it always broke my plateaus, every single time I might add and it gave me what I needed to get through the week.

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            • At 2014.03.12 08:33, tanya said:

              Don’t daughters and messy rooms go hand in hand? Good luck with that hurdle.

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