This Hufflepuff’s Report on The Chamber of Secrets

Cover of The Chamber of SecretsFrom the very beginning when I picked my cat, was found by my wand, and I was sorted into Hufflepuff, I’ve had a great time with Sheila’s Harry Potter Re-Read (or in my case cherry popping) Challenge. As much as I was amused by The Sorcerer’s Stone, it didn’t sell me on the series. I enjoyed the camaraderie of this group much more fun. It is the community Sheila’s brought together that made me want to pick up The Chamber of Secrets. Sometimes that’s all it takes, because it is The Chamber of Secrets that has made me a die hard Harry Potter fan.

From here one out this post will be full of spoilers. In case I’m not the last person on earth to read The Chamber of Secrets, beware!

I loved this book. I l0ved Harry’s rescue from his horrible muggle family. I loved spending time with him at the Weaseley’s house. I loved Harry’s misadventures with foo powder and the juicy things he witnessed as a result. I loved giving Hermione the evil eye when she was giving Harry and Ron the cold shoulder because they did what they had to do to get to Hogwarts. I loved tut-tutting them when Dumbledore asked them why they didn’t just sent Harry’s owl with a message that they missed the train.

Okay, I’ll stop there. I think you get the picture. I darn near loved every detail of this book. Although I was disappointed that some of my fellow Hufflepuff’s chose to think ill of Harry (not the proudest moment in Hufflepuff history, I’m sure), I wouldn’t have changed a thing about this book. Gilderoy Lockhart (or Gorden Lightfoot as he will ever be to me) was so perfect. The way he treated Harry couldn’t have said more about his character and where his heart truly was. He got his just desserts and it still makes me laugh to think about it.

My feelings about Hermione continue to fluctuate. She irritated me from the moment Harry and Ron got on campus and I will freely admit that I did not feel the need as Ron (I love him to pieces) did to rush to her aid when she was called a mudblood. I don’t condone bullying at all, but she gets so caught up in her own Hermione-ness that I think that having it called out that she’s less than perfect might be helpful to her. I was also not sad that she received the Han Solo treatment. Call me cold-hearted, but I had faith that she would be returned to health before the end of the book. I am assured by others that Hermione will grow on me. We shall see. Right now I wish that Ginny were a little bit older and could replace her altogether. I will be curious to see that as I read back over my posts after crossing the finish line.

Now write up of this book would be complete without a discussion of the diary? The whole idea of it is magnificent. Who wouldn’t want to be able to communicate someone who reads your diary by writing back and forth on its pages? More than anything else, I could see those scenes playing out like a movie in my head. As much as I wish that I wrote in a magical diary like that, I wasn’t expecting it to be used against the person conversing with the author. Poor Ginny! I would have been just as taken in by Tom Riddle as she was. I guess that’s because I’m not the evil genius that Tom Riddle is. After all, I’m a Hufflepuff!

As much as I wanted to move directly into The Prisoner of Azkaban the moment I finished The Chamber of Secrets, I opted to wait until the others in the group started reading it. I’ve held off until now, but I won’t be stopping myself any longer. I can’t wait to see what trouble Harry and Ron find themselves in next. Here’s hoping Team Hufflepuff makes a good showing this time around!


  • At 2014.12.10 08:14, Sheila (Book Journey) said:

    Jennifer what a fun post! I laughed at your “cherry popping” and your first time thoughts on the Dursley’s, the Weasley’s and yeah…. Hermione. I am thrilled that you are now loving the series as they just get better and better. See you in third year!!!!

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    • At 2014.12.10 10:30, Literate Housewife said:

      Thanks for the opportunity to experience this. I’m so glad to be reading these books and bring the joy of reading back into my life. 🙂

    • At 2014.12.10 13:09, Leah @ Books Speak Volumes said:

      Aww, I’m glad you’re hooked! I HOPE Hermione will grow on you… I like her much better than Ron, who can be really jealous and nasty.

      • At 2014.12.10 19:05, Literate Housewife said:

        What? Ron nasty? Never! LOL! I am trying to keep an open mind.

      • At 2014.12.10 20:22, Diane said:

        Great write up Jennifer. I’m not quite finished the Chamber of Secrets and I’m still not hooked. Must admit I am enjoying it more than the first book though so perhaps by book 3 …..

        • At 2015.02.01 21:16, :Donna said:

          Jennifer, it’s so much fun reading your posts as a first-time reader! 😀 Hermione definitely can get on your nerves sometimes, but it adds to the depth of the series and it makes sense that she is the way she is, especially since her studious and brilliance are key to so much throughout the entire series. And I’m wondering if you’re reading Phoenix yet. Curious to hear what you may mention about Gilderoy! Go Hufflepuff House! 😀

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