The Art of English Murder by Lucy Worsley ~ Mini Audiobook Review

Cover of Art of English Murder

The Art of English Murder by Lucy Worsley

Published by: Pegasus

Published on: October 15, 2015

Page Count: 336

Genre: Non-Fiction

My Reading Format: Audiobook purchased with a monthly credit from Audible.com.

Audiobook Published by: Tantor Media

Narrator: Anne Flosnik

Audiobook Length: 7 hours 6 minutes

Available Formats: Hardcover, eBook, and Audiobook

Note: I was so thrilled with this audiobook that I wrote a quick review on my Facebook page. I didn’t feel like waiting to create a formal post. I’ve since found that it’s difficult to link back to one of my posts there, so I’m reposting it here.

Summary from the Publisher:

In The Art of the English Murder, Lucy Worsley explores this phenomenon in forensic detail, revisiting notorious crimes like the Ratcliff Highway Murders, which caused a nationwide panic in the early 19th century, and the case of Frederick and Maria Manning, the suburban couple who were hanged after killing Maria’s lover and burying him under their kitchen floor. Our fascination with crimes like these became a form of national entertainment, inspiring novels and plays, prose and paintings, poetry and true-crime journalism.

My Mini Review

This is a fun book if you’re a fan of British history or literature. I enjoyed it very much and it made for a nice companion while reading Sarah Water’s Fingersmith in print. It also brought back memories of reading Murder As a Fine Art by David Morrell.

Narrator Anne Flosnik was the perfect choice to voice this book. I just wanted to keep listening to her read this book. Her reading made it clear that she was enjoying the The Art of English Murder just as much as I was.

One note of warning: The complete plot of some classic novels is revealed within this book. As just one example, if you’ve not read Oliver Twist, this book will contain spoilers.


  • At 2015.02.18 07:21, Mysterious Bibliophile said:

    Wow. I’d never heard of this and I am very intrigued. I’m adding it to my list. Thanks!

    • At 2015.02.18 20:01, Jennifer said:

      I am sure you will love it based on your profile name alone. 🙂

    • At 2015.02.18 09:59, Sheila (Book Journey) said:

      Looks like another great listen!

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      • At 2015.02.18 20:04, Jennifer said:

        Sheila, it’s a lot of fun. I highly recommend it to you.

      • At 2015.02.18 13:14, tanya (52 books or bust) said:

        I was really hoping Lucy Worsley narrated this herself. Guess I’ll just have to dream.

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        • At 2015.02.18 20:05, Jennifer said:

          I am not familiar with Lucy Worsley outside of this book. If you wanted her to narrate this audiobook, she must be great.

        • At 2015.02.19 01:52, Becca Lostinbooks said:

          Thanks for the warning there are spoilers in it! You are my go-to on audiobooks.

          • At 2015.02.19 07:41, Jennifer said:

            All of the books she covers are older, so they’re fair game. Still, Oliver Twist is my next Dickens read – narrated by Simon Vance, of course – and I wanted to go into it innocently. LOL! When she talked about it I would start singing loudly. My horrible singing covers just about everything.

            Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to be your go-to on audiobooks. 🙂

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