Audiobook Adventure Ahead

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long winter. While I did take a trip to Atlanta in February, I am feeling cooped up. I need to get the heck out of the Noke. Aren’t I lucky that the Virginia Festival of the Book is this week and they are hosting an audiobook extravaganza tomorrow?

Listening with the Lights On

Karen White! Barbara Rosenblat! Sean Pratt! Shannon Parks! Andi Arndt! And all of them just a short two hour drive from home! I am such a lucky duck! You can be assured that I will be reporting back next week.

Many thanks to the Audio Publishers Association for hosting this event and making me one happy woman!


  • At 2015.03.20 08:29, Paul (Audiobook Reviewer) said:

    Man, these things are never close to me 🙁
    One day I will be able to check them out.

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    • At 2015.03.20 11:11, Karen White said:

      I can’t wait to see you in person, Jennifer! It’s been too long. I’m heading out now to drive to Charlottesville. Can’t wait for the whole festival…

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      • At 2015.03.20 13:38, Diana said:

        I cannot wait myself for this event! I’ll see you there. 🙂

        • At 2015.03.21 08:19, Literate Housewife said:

          I’ll see you there, Diane! I’m on my way now!

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          • At 2015.03.22 10:13, Sheila (Book Journey) said:

            How exciting! Have a blast! I know I would!

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            • At 2015.03.23 09:21, Dee said:

              I’m so jealous! I wanted to go SOOO bad, but I had something else going on – hopefully next time

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