My Emeraldette Weekend

It may have rained on our parade, but Emma was a beautiful Miss Emeraldette. She enjoyed her day completely. I’m so glad that I asked the daughter of a friend to take pictures for us. Here are a few I’d like to share.

Miss Emeraldette_close

Emma just glowed from the moment she woke up Saturday morning and this picture captures her joy perfectly.

Miss Emeraldette_Umbrella

Knowing that rain was in the forecast, I ran out to Target Friday night to find a large umbrella. The white umbrellas caught my eye. I didn’t realize they had a Designing Women kind of ruffle until we left the hair salon. It was so perfect. To think I only grabbed it for the color. As someone else said, I was kind of glad it rained because I loved how the umbrella went with her dress.


Allison was also in the parade, wearing her emerald green outfit. I was glad to get a cute picture of the two of them together.

Miss Emeraldette_carJust before the parade began the rain stopped and we thought it might hold off just long enough for the parade. We were able to get a picture of Emma sitting in the convertible that I spent two weeks stressing about (many thanks to Danny’s cousin Rhonda for coming through for us!). Unfortunately, the rain kicked back in before we made it out of the parking lot. Even though the top was put back up and she spent the entire parade waving from the window, I’m happy we got in a picture.

In the end, Emma rode inside the convertible and Allison and the rest of the Emeraldettes piled into the Emeraldettes’ van and waved to the crowd. It was only the parents who got wet: Danny as he took pictures during the parade and me as I walked the entire route carrying the Emeraldette’s sign. While I never thought the chill of the day would leave my bones, my heart was warm the entire day. I really wouldn’t have changed a thing. I’m so proud of the way Emma and Allison are growing up. I’ve been so blessed in this life, what’s a little rain?


  • At 2015.04.27 05:03, Bec said:

    Gorgeous girl!

    • At 2015.04.27 09:04, BermudaOnion(Kathy) said:

      Your girls are becoming lovely young women! What a fun weekend!

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      • At 2015.04.27 10:48, beth hoffman said:

        She is beautiful … and those eyes!

        • At 2015.04.27 11:19, jenn aka the picky girl said:

          I love this so much. Your pride radiates from this post, and your girls look lovely.

          P.S. I was a twirler too!

          • At 2015.04.27 11:20, Amanda said:

            Pretty girls! Finding that particular umbrella was great luck!

            • At 2015.04.27 14:10, Meghan said:

              It sounds like your girls are growing up into strong, beautiful young women!

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              • At 2015.04.27 16:41, Rachel said:

                They are both beautiful!

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                • At 2015.04.27 19:11, Doris said:

                  Beautiful pictures and I can tell that you are a proud Mama!

                  • At 2015.04.28 10:20, Michelle said:

                    They are beautiful. These are gorgeous pictures of them both. You have every reason to be proud!

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