Welcome to June Is Audiobook Month (and Giveaway)!

Wow! Last week was an incredible experience for me. I haven’t had an opportunity to fully digest all that happened. Trust me. More about my Audiobook Blogger of the Year adventure will follow soon. Still, I must share one thing to kick off June Is Audiobook Month. 

Since the dawn of the Armchair Audies, the APA judges and I have not seen eye to eye. I began the 2015 Armchair Audies season 0 for 3. This year I upped the ante by judging two categories. I could have left the Audies Thursday night 0 for 5, but an Armchair Audies miracle happened. The APA judges and I agreed in both categories!

Euphoria by Lily King, narrated by Simon Vance and Xe Sands (Blackstone Audio) took the Literary Fiction category.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, write and read by Neil Gaiman and a full cast (Harper Audio) took the Multi-Voiced Performance category.

And, as I just so happened to be at the Audies in person, this was possible:

Can you believe it? There I am, hanging out at the Naudies, an Audies after party, with Simon Vance and Xe Sands! This audiobook fan has died and gone to heaven. Life is good!

Giveaway: To celebrate my evening with audiobook royalty and their victory that I predicted, I’m going to give away a digital copy of Audie Award winning Euphoria to one lucky reader. To enter, just leave a comment here by Friday, June 5th. I randomly select the winner Saturday morning. 

Good luck and Happy June Is Audiobook Month!


  • At 2015.06.01 05:44, Bec (Audiothing) said:

    I watched it live from here in Tasmania, unbelievable really. You carried it off so well, as if you did that sort of thing as a matter of course! Oh yes, and you looked beautiful, lovely dress and necklace, I’m looking forward to reading about it

    • At 2015.06.01 05:47, Bec (Audiothing) said:

      Mmm, don’t know if that posted, a warning appeared!

      • At 2015.06.01 07:06, Colleen Turner said:

        Wow, it sounds like you had a wonderful evening! I’ve just started really getting into audiobooks and now I just love it! It gives me a chance to “read” on my long driving commute to and from work :). I’ve also discovered the wonderful Kindle/Audiobook hybrid that lets me go back and forth between the eBook and audiobook seamlessly and it’s just perfect!

        • At 2015.06.01 08:04, Rhapsodyinbooks said:

          Congratulations, you look beautiful! I’d love to listen to a book narrated by those two!

          • At 2015.06.01 08:14, YvonneJ said:

            A contest/giveaway is a wonderful way to kick off June is Audiobook Month.

            • At 2015.06.01 08:55, JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing said:

              Looks like you’re in audiobook heaven!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

              No need to enter me in the giveaway.
              I’ve already listened Euphoria… and know exactly why it won!

              • At 2015.06.01 09:17, Bobbie said:

                Soooo jealous you got to meet 2 of my absolute favorite narrators, Xe Sands and Simon Vance. Have not listened to Euphoria but I would love to! Lucky, lucky girl!

                • At 2015.06.07 19:33, Jennifer said:

                  Congratulations, Bobbie! You are the lucky winner!

                • At 2015.06.01 09:58, BermudaOnion(Kathy) said:

                  No one deserved that award more than you did! I am so glad you won!! I still think Simon Vance needs to record a message for your voice mail for you. No need to enter me.

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                  • At 2015.06.01 11:56, Diana Angel said:

                    Love audio tapes. Can’t wait to get this one. Hope to win.

                    • At 2015.06.01 12:04, Kelly said:

                      How lucky you are to spend time with two of the very best narrators! I can’t wait to listen to this book!

                      • At 2015.06.01 14:45, Serena said:

                        I am so glad that you got to be there! You were in your element! I could tell from all the photos! Congrats again!

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                            • At 2015.06.01 18:09, Lucy said:

                              I’m not entering the giveaway because I already have a copy. Just wanted to say I’m so glad you had fun at the Audies! You look beautiful and I love this pic 🙂 I’m planning to go to BEA next year so hopefully we’ll get to meet!

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                              • At 2015.06.01 20:00, Carrie K. said:

                                I’ve had Euphoria on my Audible list but I keep using my credits on books my kids want to listen to. Thanks for the giveaway – and congrats on your Audie Award!

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                                • At 2015.06.01 21:35, Barbara Dodde said:

                                  You were terrific, of course! And, I have not heard those narrators, so I am in!

                                  • At 2015.06.01 21:58, Susan Ericksen said:

                                    Dear Jennifer,
                                    It was great to meet you at the Blogger/Narrator Social. I’ve always been so busy being holed-up in the studio recording that I’ve been quite the Luddite when it comes to social media. But meeting you and the other bloggers got me totally intrigued, and I finally started checking out the websites. Wow. I’m so impressed with all the wonderful reviews and comments! A whole new world (cue music from Aladdin). I can see why you won your award now. Thank you so much for adding a whole other dimension to what we do, I look forward to having a REAL conversation with you next time, when I’m no longer clueless. All the best, and congratulations!

                                    • At 2015.06.01 22:22, Melanie Mason said:

                                      This sounds so wonderful – I’m in!

                                      • At 2015.06.01 22:26, Peter Berkrot said:

                                        Oh me! Me! Please oh please oh please!
                                        Thank you for your consideration.

                                        • At 2015.06.02 00:24, Denice Stradling said:

                                          So happy that Xe and Simon won … even if I don’t ‘win’ this book here, I’ll definitely be getting it … can’t wait to read/listen to it!

                                          • At 2015.06.02 01:38, Melanie said:

                                            I have Euphoria (lucky me!) so I’m not entering the giveaway. But I can’t pass up the chance to say: eeeeeee!! If you enjoyed that whole experience even a quarter as much as I’m imagining, you are still on cloud nine. You all look great and happy and fun to hang out with. Congrats again on the award – and on doing so well in your predictions.

                                            • At 2015.06.03 00:00, Susan H. said:

                                              So envious! Authors and narrators are my rock stars. A good author, story and narrator combo can be magic. Glad I’m not the only one who loves audiobooks. And congrats on your blogger of the year award, too!

                                              • At 2015.06.03 03:36, Patrick Hockenson said:

                                                I love Simon Vance. I would love to win this. I’m currently listening to him read the entire Sherlock Holmes collection.

                                                • At 2015.06.03 09:55, ROD DAVIS said:

                                                  Congrats, especially to Xe, who happens to be my cousin!
                                                  I would love to win the give-away — unless my relationship prohibits it! 🙁

                                                  • At 2015.06.03 19:23, Gwen said:

                                                    Congrats on your win at the Audies you lucky girl. Best– Gwen

                                                    • At 2015.06.03 20:26, Bri said:

                                                      It’s great that you were able to have such a snazzy time at the Audies! I haven’t listened to any audiobooks narrated by this pair before. Thanks for hosting the giveaway 🙂

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