Hachette Audio’s Daphne du Maurier Collection

When I was an undergrad, I took a film class that I hardly remember. I do remember was the movie I was assigned to write three class papers about: Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock. What does this movie have to do with Daphne du Maurier? Well, after falling in love with that film, I wanted to watch all of the Hitchcock movies I could find. The next Hitchcock file I watched after Rear Window was Rebecca and I fell in love. I must have watched that movie a handful of times before I discovered that it was based on du Maurier’s novel. Once I discovered that, I went straight to the library and devoured the book as well. It’s one of the few book/movie combinations where I love both mediums equally.

I’m not sure why at that time I didn’t look further into Daphne du Maurier’s other novels. Luckily, readers have a lifetime to explore. Shortly after I started blogging, Sourcebooks released a du Maurier collection and that’s when I read My Cousin Rachel and Frenchman’s Creek. After enjoying those books, I picked up Mary Anne, but my reading fancy led me in other directions. Every time I saw that book on my shelf I would look at it longingly, but I must have a problem taking du Maurier for granted. Other books always seemed to capture my attention.

A year ago she came back into my life once again. At Booktopia Asheville I met Simon Savidge, the blogger behind Savidge Reads and The Readers podcast. du Maurier is one of his favorite authors and I was glad to have met another fan. Last year Hachette Audio also announced that they were bringing du Maurier to audio (and this post is about a year overdue, but better late than never!). This made me so happy, especially when I saw that Juliette Stevenson (Oh how I adore her!) was one of the narrators. I confess to being disappointed that she wasn’t taped to narrate Rebecca, but I requested a review copy of her work on The King’s General without hesitation. This summer, thanks to Audiobook Sync, I was able to pick up Hachette’s audiobook version of Rebecca as well.

As of publishing this post, I’ve listened to and loved both The King’s General and Rebecca. I will be reviewing them both next week. My intention is to eventually listen to them all. In case you’d like to give them a listen yourself, here is a list of the du Maurier audiobooks available from Hachette Audio:


The Birds (and other stories), narrated by Michael Sinclair, Barbara Rosenblat, Katherine Kellgren, and James Langton
Don’t Look Now (and other stories), narrated by Michael Sinclair, Katherine Kellgren, and James Langton
Frenchman’s Creek, narrated by John Castle
The House on the Strand, narrated by Ron Keith
Jamaica Inn, narrated by Tony Britton
The King’s General, narrated by Juliet Stevenson
Mary Anne, narrated by Carol Boyd
My Cousin Rachel, narrated by Jonathan Pryce
Rebecca, narrated by Anna Massey
The Scapegoat, narrated by Paul Shelley

Which title would you start with? It’s a hard choice, I know.


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