Audiobook Bloggers Week 2016: Playing Catch Up!


Welcome to Audiobook Bloggers Week! Many thanks to Miss Pippi Reads for organizing this event!

Readers, my life has gotten the best of my blogging energy lately. I had the best of intentions over the past two weeks, but I even missed the beginning of #audiobookbloggersweek. This should be my favorite week of the year. I will stop lamenting now and just dive in and catch up.

Sunny Hello!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Jennifer. I have been the blogger behind Literate Housewife since 2007. I started blogging as a reading snob. To me, the only reading that counted was done with your eyes. As with so many other aspects of my life, my children taught me humility. In the late evening hours as I laid on their floor trying to get them to go to sleep, I couldn’t read a book. The light would keep them up. I eventually gave in and tried an audiobook. One thing led to another and in 2015 I was named the Audiobook Blogger of the Year by the APA. I never would have guessed that something I initially judged as “lesser” would become one of my life’s greatest passions.

Reading audiobooks has broadened my horizons (there’s no way else I’d have ever read not one, but two audiobooks about zombies!). Still, my favorite genres are literary fiction, historical fiction, and mystery/thrillers. Those are the same genres I read most often in print, but there is something that the right narrator brings to an audiobook that cannot be matched. Audiobooks make me love books and stories more than ever.

The Audiobook Slump

Until recently, I never really had a noticeable audiobook slump. There may have been times where one audiobook just wasn’t working for me, but I just moved on and enjoyed the next. This year, however, I’ve had two audiobook slumps. I am not sure that they can be blamed on audiobooks, though. My current position as Project Manager takes a lot more energy out of me than past positions (technical writing and business analyst). At the beginning of the year I was moved to a highly complex and critical project for my company. On top of that, my daughters are both in middle school and are at their most challenging to date. Together, my stress levels have been at an all time high. This spring I wasn’t able to concentrate on an audiobook for over a week. I fought it, but my mind was elsewhere. Eventually I started listening to music and found that giving myself the time off really freed me up. Not too long after that, I was able to start listening to an audiobook again. It also taught me that it’s best not to fight those times when I can’t concentrate or just don’t feel like reading at all. I switch to music and soon I’m ready for what’s up next on my Audible playlist.

This post catches me up. I solemnly swear to keep up with the rest of the week.


  • At 2016.10.10 22:30, Miss Pippi said:

    Happy you can join us for Audiobook Bloggers Week! Glad you found a way to take a breather and jump back into audiobooks. I hope the rest of your year brings less stress to you.

    • At 2016.10.11 01:01, Lucy said:

      Hi Jennifer! Like you, I didn’t think a lot of audiobooks once upon a time, but we do what we can to get our reading time in! I can’t imagine not listening now.

      And I totally agree about taking audiobook breaks when you need to. Sometimes music or podcasts can be a welcome substitute for our beloved audiobooks ūüôā

      Looking forward to getting some mystery/thriller/fiction recs from you this week! Hope that things calm down for you soon.

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      • At 2016.10.11 08:33, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

        I haven’t had an audiobook slump yet but I can see how it happens. By the way, the high school years are easier than the middle school ones.

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        • At 2016.10.11 10:07, Kailana said:

          First I even heard of this week. I guess I don’t read any other blogs participating! I would have maybe joined in if I had noticed ahead of time.

          • At 2016.10.11 10:14, Karen White said:

            Great to hear about this event! Will spread the word…

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            • At 2016.10.12 16:59, Sheila (Book Journey) said:

              I experienced my first slump this year as well. For the first time since I started listening I just stopped… occupied my mind with other things. I am back listening now… thank goodness ūüôā

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