From the Heart ~ Coleen Marlo, Xe Sands, and Gigi Shane

from-the-heart-logoDecember… the time to give thanks for those things that have sustained us through the past year. For narrators, a huge part of that is YOU, the listening community! As we wind down 2016, we want to give back to you, our listeners, who help make our job so rewarding, and who travel with us on each audiobook journey. SO! Over 60 narrators have partnered to bring you FROM THE HEART – recordings of poetry, essays, stories, excerpts, songs, etc. – throughout the month of December. Each day, beginning this Thursday, 12/1, look for 2-3 new (and free!) audio postings. You’ll hear things from voices you’re familiar with as well as some that are new to your ears, all of whom are so very grateful for your listening love this last year! Hope you’ll join in the fun!

Today I’m pleased to host works by three audiobook narrators (click on the narrator’s name to jump to his/her performance): Coleen Marlo, Xe Sands, and Gigi Shane. Enjoy!

“The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen narrated by Coleen Marlo



About the Selection

The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson is classified as a Grimm Fairy Tale. Many Grimm fairy tales were originally written or orally recited for adults as folk tales representative of various cultures. Hans Christian Anderson based many of his stories from his mother’s hardships as a child. The Little Match Girl is to be considered the same. Anderson’s short tale is not only a sorrowful story reminding us to give during the season, but a reminder to take pause and consider what is happening to so many children throughout the world today. In remembrance of this small tale, I say a prayer of thanks to my two beautiful grandmothers who filled my life with love and laughter and joy.
Warm regards, Coleen Marlo

About the Narrator

Coleen Marlo is an accomplished actor and multi-award-winning audiobook voice artist and producer. In 2010 she was named Audiobook Narrator of the Year by Publishers Weekly, and she won the Audie Award for Literary Fiction in 2011. During her distinguished career, she has been nominated twice for Audie Awards by the Audio Publishers Association, has won numerous Publishers Weekly Listen-Up Awards, and has been an AudioFile Earphones Award winner. Additionally, she has been honored with many starred audio reviews by Library Journal and Publishers Weekly. Coleen is a member of the prestigious Actors Studio and taught acting for ten years at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Coleen can be found on the Web at: coleenmarlo.blogspot.com and on Facebook at ColeenMarloAudiobooks.

“Excision” by Kelli Nichols narrated by Xe Sands



About the Selection

This piece.

A “better you.”

All you have to do is peel it all away, right? Cut down to the bone, strip off the old, make way for the new.

But what happens when you step out of that old skin, and (at least
initially) find that there is nothing left?

What indeed.

That last scene…the bed, the picture, no…obstructions. Nothing there at all.

Find the author at www.kayemnic.com

About the Narrator

Xe Sands is an award-winning narrator based in the Pacific Northwest, known for her authentic, engaging and intimate delivery of over 200 audiobooks in various genres, specializing in first person, literary and epistolary fiction, memoirs, and captivating performance of romantic fiction. She has been recognized for her work by Salon, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and AudioFile Magazine, and is an Audie and Voice Arts Award winner for titles such as Cruel Beautiful World, The Muralist, Dragon Behind the Glass, Euphoria, and Ivan: The True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla. Find her around the web on Twitter (@xesands), Facebook or her site: www.xesands.com. Listening is a journey…

“Bamata the Caterpillar” by Rebecca Better narrated by Gigi Shane



About the Selection

Bamata the Caterpillar is a story that encourages us to let go of our limitations and to find those “hidden pieces” inside, the ones that make us truly unique and marvelous.

About the Narrator

Gigi Shane is a native of the Fox River Valley in the Chicagoland area where she studied classical piano and voice at Noyse Cultural Lab. She has been a resident of the Southwest for the past 25 years where she raised two children and continued as a pianist, as well as the lead singer in a special occasions band. In 1987 she became the in-house voice for KGUN TV in Tucson. Since 2010, Gigi has focussed more on commercial voice work and more recently, audiobook narration and proofing, which was precipitated by Sci-Fi author, Kevin J Anderson asking her to narrate his work. Gigi is currently studying under David Lyerly and works full time as a professional audiobook proofer and voice-over actress out of her studio in Colorado.


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