From the Heart ~ Tanya Eby and Traci Odom

from-the-heart-logoDecember… the time to give thanks for those things that have sustained us through the past year. For narrators, a huge part of that is YOU, the listening community! As we wind down 2016, we want to give back to you, our listeners, who help make our job so rewarding, and who travel with us on each audiobook journey. SO! Over 60 narrators have partnered to bring you FROM THE HEART – recordings of poetry, essays, stories, excerpts, songs, etc. – throughout the month of December. Each day, beginning this Thursday, 12/1, look for 2-3 new (and free!) audio postings. You’ll hear things from voices you’re familiar with as well as some that are new to your ears, all of whom are so very grateful for your listening love this last year! Hope you’ll join in the fun!

Today I’m pleased to host works by three audiobook narrators (click on the narrator’s name to jump to his/her performance): Tanya Eby, Bill Lord, and Traci Odom. Enjoy!

“The Blue Doors” by Bronwyn Green narrated by Tanya Eby



About the Selection

A woman walks up to a strange victorian house with blue doors. What she finds inside shocks her. A fun surprise for all literary types.

About the Narrator

Tanya Eby has narrated over 500 audiobooks and has received several shiny things for her work. She loves storytelling, acting, and cheese. Not necessarily in that order.

“The Christmas War” by Connie Suttle narrated by Traci Odom



About the Selection

Rock smashes ice.
Fire melts rock.
Water quenches fire.
Ice freezes water.
The elemental demon version of rock, paper, scissors
Parke Worth:
Murders, unexplained fires, Industrial espionage and walking myths meant my first days as Chancellor of everything paranormal were packed and stressful.
Cassie King-Worth:
A rushed marriage, a forced trip back to an Alabama law school and the wakening of a terrible race long thought dead meant my first days as a married elemental demon were full and terrifying.
Tossing in the werewolf Grand Master, the General for the Earth Sprite King and murderous family members means I have the makings of a new, Mystic War on my hands.
Now, to convince my Chancellor husband that something needs to be done…

About the Narrator

Traci Odom, an American-born actor and voice artist has built a successful career that spans decades. As a stage, film and television actor, she has played everything from a tree to an Irish Setter to a lawyer, but it is as a veteran narrator of more than 50 audiobooks that she has truly found her voice, inviting her listeners into the worlds of romance, witchcraft, devilry and vampirism. To relax in her spare time, she daydreams of becoming the first female American Ninja Warrior – but then she would have to get off her couch to make that dream a reality, so she lives out her daydreams in her professional life, both on camera and on microphone. Working in close collaboration with her authors, she brings their creations to life with dynamic energy and commitment. Traci is delighted to reply to every email that comes to her through her website at www.traciodom.com.


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