The Taming of the Queen by Philippa Gregory ~ Audiobook Review

Saturday I received a kind message on my blog’s Facebook page asking if I would update my Philippa Gregory in Chronological Order post. It had been two years since the last update, so I decided to unwind by catching up with what Gregory has published since the fall of 2015. In my 2015 update, I hadn’t read The Taming of the Queen yet. I couldn’t really remember if I had since then, either. I checked my Litsy account. I had and reading my posts about the audiobook brought it all back. That I couldn’t remember reading it off the top of my head says a lot. What I did think was captured pretty well on Litsy. I also captured my inconsistency with spelling Katherine Parr’s name. Here’s the breakdown:

Although my love affair with Philippa Gregory’s Tudor novels isn’t what it used to be, updating that post and rereading my Litsy thoughts made me want to write a blog post about the book. As far away as I seem to be these days from my blogging life, every so often I get drawn back in, if only for a little while. Philippa Gregory can still do that for me. She brings back those “I must post about this!” feelings of being a new blogger. I also used my two Audible credits to pick up Three Sisters, Three Queens and to preorder The Last Tudor. I still love listening to Bianca Amato’s narration (she never lets me down!) and I’m not ready to give up on Gregory or Henry VIII and crew just yet.

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