In Praise of My Curves featuring Dia & Co

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been at war with my body and my appetite. I have gone on a diet or started a new fitness plan for every pound I am overweight. On days that I’m not dieting, I’m obsessing about ways to become thin or beating myself up for failing at the latest venture. Needless to say, this is not good for my self-esteem.  Unless I’m currently faithful and well into to whatever program I might be on, I’m hating on my body, the only body I have. In that mindset, the way I love myself is conditional. One slip and it’s gone. Conditional love isn’t really love at all.

When you don’t love yourself or your body, you cover yourself up and try to hide every inch and every curve. When you live in a small city, the already limited clothing options for plus size women are that much smaller. You grasp for any garment you can find that fits. You don’t want to be seen, so it doesn’t really matter what color it is or whether it flatters your shape. You look and feel sloppy. You look wistfully at those who wear cute outfits and begin once again to plan a strict regimen to lose weight. Then you will be happy, right?

In July, after seeing countless ads for Dia & Co, I decided to try the clothing subscription service catered to plus size women. It was all on a whim. I don’t know what it was about that evening, but I was tired of the clothes that I was wearing. It was getting hotter and I didn’t have enough cardigans or shrugs to go with my pants. Sometimes it’s good to go with your gut.

When my first box arrived, it had a dress. A dress that tied at the waste. It was pretty, but for a dress to look good on me, I thought it had to be a flouncy A line. I tried it on anyway. I looked in the mirror and I was not impressed with myself. Fat, fat everywhere. I sighed and then I walked out into the living room to show my husband. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw the dress. What I saw in the mirror was not what he saw. What he saw he liked. In that moment, I began to understand how wrong I had been. I went back into the bathroom and took another look. All of the sudden I felt really good. I wore that dress to work the next day and got nothing buy compliments. What 80s girl doesn’t like to be told she’s pretty in pink by her friends?

I followed Dia & Co on Facebook and Twitter. With that and my emails, I gathered ideas for things to ask for in my next box. Now that I’d found that pink dress, I wanted more. Then I got too excited for my next box and pressed the Get it ASAP button. What came in that box was priceless. It was a sleeveless dress that made me feel so beautiful, confident, and strong, that I didn’t care that it didn’t cover my arms. It came with a blazer anyway. It also looked really cute with my red Audies sandals. I was in love. It made me excited to go to work the next day (for the record, that’s currently no small feat). I got dressed and took the blazer with me, but it never left the car. I was too busy walking on air to remember to bring it in with me. Had I not been wearing that dress, I think I would have had a pretty frustrating day. I was wearing that dress, though, and everything just rolled off my back. I didn’t need anyone to tell me I glowed. I glowed inside myself for myself.

The night I wore my dress, I watched Dia & Co Live on Facebook. They talked about body confidence and showing your arms. They encouraged people to join the #DiaARMy. I found myself cheering about that. I’d done just that and never felt better. I only wished I’d taken a picture. So, I rectified that situation. I realized that having and wearing these stylish pieces of clothing that were made with my curves in mind made me too happy to beat myself up for what I was or was not eating.

This summer has been a summer of self discovery and body positivity. I’ve gone from why us Instagram to following so many gorgeous curvy women who have encouraged me to play with clothing and shoes (who knew?). Fashion is and can be for everyone. I am so thankful I responded finally to an add for Dia & Co on Facebook in July. My outlook hasn’t been the same since. I’m now waiting for my fourth Dia box. I’m feeling confident and that confidence has me working toward other positive changes in my life. Style and clothing truly can be transformational. If you’re a size 14 – 32 and think that that fashion isn’t for you, think again. Give Dia & Co a try. There’s a gorgeous world out there for you just the way you are!



  • At 2017.09.11 10:05, bermudaonion (Kathy) said:

    I’m so glad you’re doing this because you look fabulous and are setting a wonderful example for your daughters. I’m tired of the media making us think we should all look the same – the world would be boring if we did.

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    • At 2017.09.11 11:26, Jennifer said:

      Thank you, Kathy! I sure hope that my daughters have an easier road. It would be boring if we were all the same. Thank God for diversity of all kinds!

      • At 2017.09.11 10:53, Michelle said:

        Look at that smile!!! If your words didn’t convince me, those pictures with your radiant smile is enough to do so. I see a confident woman who is proud of the way she looks and knows she is beautiful inside and out. Isn’t it amazing what the right clothes can do for you? I am going to have to check out this service now so that I can get my own smile like that!

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        • At 2017.09.11 11:28, Jennifer said:

          Thank you, Michelle. I have been smiling a lot more lately. I like not constantly questioning myself, too. It feels good to walk around confidently in my own skin. You really should give it a try. It has changed my whole outlook on life. We all deserve it!

          • At 2017.09.11 11:14, Beth F said:

            Wow! You are glowing and beautiful. I hate that no matter how smart and capable we are, we women are still influenced by cultural (unrealistic) ideals. Yay you! I say it often, but you really do inspire me.

            • At 2017.09.11 11:31, Jennifer said:

              Thank you!!! You inspire me, too. One day I’m going to pick up cooking. My family won’t know what hit them. I’ll tell them to thank you. ?

              • At 2017.09.11 13:43, Nise' said:

                You look fabulous in those bright colors! I love that blue top and shoes. As a women in her 50’s I hear you and applaud you!! I so agree with Kathy when did we start believing what they (and just who is they?) say we should look like, dress like, etc?

                • At 2017.09.11 15:01, Ti Reed said:

                  Every outfit you shared has been a big hit in my opinion. I think perhaps the fit is what I notice the most and the pops of color.

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                  • At 2017.09.12 10:51, Julie @ julzreads said:

                    You are amazing and look so happy!

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                    • At 2017.09.12 23:42, Tasha B (heidenkind) said:

                      ??????You look awesome and beautiful! Lovely, moving post

                      • At 2017.09.13 12:00, jenn aka the picky girl said:

                        This post makes me so darn happy, as have your Instagram posts. I adore you and your sweet spirit, and I’m so glad you’re feeling happy and confident in your own skin. We already adored you, and I’m glad you’ve caught up and seen how amazing and beautiful you are.

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                        • At 2017.09.17 11:15, Lisa said:

                          Thank you for this. I’m in exactly the same boat (although I have more options to find clothes here). I was just wondering the other day if there was a subscription service for plus size women. Those clothes are so cute and look so great on you. Feeling good about yourself is well worth the price of the service!

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