Interview with Natalie S. Harnett & Audiobook Giveaway

Today I have the honor of interviewing author Natalie S. Harnett about her novel The Hollow Ground and the audiobook version narrated by Luci Christian. It is a pleasure to feature her here and to offer one lucky reader a copy of The Hollow Ground. Many thanks to Audible for sponsoring this giveaway. Welcome, Natalie. It’s a pleasure to have […]

A Reading Dilemma

I need your help with a new-to-me reading dilemma. If you’re up to the task, ponder the following scenario: So, after learning that you’re a book blogger, a co-worker shares her “favorite book ever” with you. It’s a pretty hot book, so you accept her copy and actually read it. The longer your read it, […]

Of Pioneers and New Frontiers ~ A Chat with Kelly O’Connor McNees

Literate Housewife: Thanks so much for stopping by, Kelly! We’re always happy to have you here. Your new novel is about American mail-order brides. Where did you get your inspiration? Kelly O’Connor McNees: I have been thinking about this as an idea for a novel for a  long time, probably since I read Sarah Plain […]

Hooray! March 2nd is Seuss Day!

I have a good friend named Mark He came up with this idea on a lark To commemorate our beloved Dr. Seuss, A man who’s set imaginations loose. March 2nd is his 108th birthday Wouldn’t you like to come and play? All you need is a rhyme or two or three We’ll all be as […]

On My List: A Heroic New Year ~ A Guest Post by Erin Blakemore

It is my great privilege to have Erin Blakemore visiting here on New Year’s Day to discuss heroic New Year’s Resolutions: On My List: A Heroic New Year One of the benefits of having written a book about literary heroines and kick-ass authors? No excuses. One of the drawbacks of having written a book about literary […]

Three for Thursday

I really feel that 2011 is one of the most outstanding years to be a reader I’ve ever experienced. Everywhere I turn, there are more books I must read. With rare exceptions, those books released this year that I felt I had to read have not disappointed. I usually write about books I have read, […]

Sunday Salon ~ Meeting Simon Van Booy

Welcome to Sunday. I hope the day gets off to a bright and beautiful start for you. It’s not often that I post for  the Sunday Salon. This week it’s a must. I was able to do something literary this week beyond reading – I drove to Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, VA to attend their […]

Place Matters, A Guest Post from Kelly O’Connor McNees

Last spring, I had the good fortune to read an ARC of The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott as part of an online book club held by Trish from Hey Lady, Whatcha Readin’?.  I jumped at the chance to take part because I loved Little Women while I was growing up and the novel’s […]

Interview with Dana Precious

I had the great good fortune of talking to Dana Precious, the author of Born Under a Lucky Moon earlier this year. It was a new, fun experience for us both. We were both pretty new to the whole Skype experience. On top of talking with someone that far away and seeing them, it was […]

Columbine Resources

After my  posts last week about Columbine by Dave Cullen, the author stopped by and left some wonderful comments.  In them, he included a link to the book’s video as well as to an interview by Sue Klebold.  I was thrilled with the extra information. I sent Dave an email asking if he had other […]