BBT Evolving Tastes in Books

Have your book-tastes changed over the years? More fiction? Less? Books that are darker and more serious? Lighter and more frivolous? Challenging? Easy? How-to books over novels? Mysteries over Romance? Since I started this blog at the beginning of 2007, the biggest change I’ve noticed in my taste has been my almost glutenous love for […]

Right Up LiterateHousewife’s …

I am forever be indebted to Betty Jackson for this design for her showing at London Fashion Week: I now have all the motivation I will ever need to get in shape.  I so want to squeeze myself into a pair of Henry VIII hot pants!   I only wish I could wear them to the […]

#40 ~ Jonathan’s Story; Finale

I finished Jonathan’s Story last night and it felt somewhat like watching (or, in my case, listening) to a Friday episode and immediately being able to watch the Monday episode. A murder is committed, but it isn’t nearly as wanton as I had hoped. That being said, it was deserved from a vigilante justice perspective. […]

#40 ~ Jonathan’s Story; Part 2

I’ve now read through chapter 23 and there is a new lead in the “Who did Reva and Alan kill” mystery: Keith. Yay! Wouldn’t it be nice to live vicariously through Reva for that one? 😉 Okay. I know that this book is a guilty pleasure and not much more “literary” than a dime romance. […]

#40 ~ Jonathan’s Story; Part 1

Jonathan’s Story by Julia London with Alina Adams * Spoiler Alert: If you are not caught up to last week Friday’s episode of Guiding Light, this post touches on plot lines. * I was able to catch up on my backlog of Guiding Light episodes over the course of the work day yesterday. By the […]

Ray of Light

Today I’ve been catching up on my Guiding Light episodes so that I don’t get hit broadsided while reading Jonathan’s Story.  It was while listening to Marina whining about loving Cyrus but being unable to stop being the straight-laced Cooper that she is that I had a mini-personal revelation.  I love Reva for the same […]

Jonathan’s Story An Update

You want a piece of me?  As much as I try to not think about Jonathan’s Story, I knew the second that I woke up yesterday morning that today was “the” day.   The book is in the book stores.  I checked the reviews, and I could only find two on Amazon.com.  One liked it one […]