#53 ~ Queens of England

Queens of England by Norah Lofts I took the girls to the library last Saturday and was actually able to get them to stay in the children’s portion of the library for long enough for me to pick out some books. There is a member of the Historical Fiction board named Divia who happens to […]

#52 ~ The Autobiography of Henry VIII

The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With Notes by His Fool, Will Somers by Margaret George As 2007 was the year that I fell in love with the Tudors, what better way to close it than by reading this book by Margaret George? It was a great choice. From the beginning where Will Somers and Catherine […]

The Other Boleyn Girl: The Trailer

I am excited to share that the trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl is now available online. I’ve just watched it and cannot wait for the movie! I recently won a half-vacation day at work for making my United Way donation. It’s a certainty now that I’ll be saving that for the afternoon of Leap […]

My Tudor Fan Site

Update: February 17 I’ve updated my link.  The site is complete, at least for the time being. Thanks again for everyone’s comments! _____________________________________ I am taking an intermediate level HTML class. The project for this class is to create a web-site of no less than five pages. I don’t know why I didn’t think about […]

Today’s Your Lucky Day!

I sent an email to Philippa Gregory’s website after her live web event and I just got a response back.  If you missed the event – say due to a father-in-law’s birthday – you can now watch a taped version! I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the web event; it was a real […]

In Heaven!

I’m currently in Philippa Gregory’s live chat!  It’s been really interesting to say the least.  What a wonderful experience.

#37 ~ Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Portrait of the Unknown Woman by Vanora Bennett I just hate it when a good book ends in a hurry. That, unfortunately, was the case with Portrait of an Unknown Woman. It tells the story of a woman, liberally educated for that time, and her relationships with her adoptive father, her husband, and a man […]

Philippa Gregory in Chronological Order

Update 7/29/2017: It’s been almost two years since I’ve update this page. Philippa Gregory has published one Tudor related book and is about to publish another. I finally read The Taming of the Queen. I haven’t written a review of it, but after a good start, it bored the heck out of me. Queen’s Gambit is […]

Thank God I Was Seated

Since this project began, I’ve become smitten with historical fiction, particularly as it relates to Henry the 8th and his clan. This all began with a single book: The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. Since then, it’s been difficult for me to keep myself away from her novels and other related titles. Actually, now […]

#28 ~ The Queen’s Fool

The Queen’s Fool by Philippa Gregory The magnificent and deeply satisfying way in which Innocent Traitor ended made it too tempting to continue on with the saga of the Tudor monarchy. Reading Veronica only intensified that temptation. I was not disappointed. The Queen’s Fool is the story of a young Jewish girl who took flight […]