Interview with Natalie S. Harnett & Audiobook Giveaway

Today I have the honor of interviewing author Natalie S. Harnett about her novel The Hollow Ground and the audiobook version narrated by Luci Christian. It is a pleasure to feature her here and to offer one lucky reader a copy of The Hollow Ground. Many thanks to Audible for sponsoring this giveaway. Welcome, Natalie. It’s a pleasure to have […]

Interview with Narrator Robert Fass with Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love audiobook narrators. I love what they do to me when they channel just the right book. I also love their passion for what they do. Robert Fass, a narrator I had the good fortune to meet in person a couple of years ago in New York, is no exception. […]

Interview with Wayne Farrell, Audiobook Narrator

Tuesday I reviewed The Thing About December, my second Donal Ryan audiobook narrated by Wayne Farrell. I loved them both, so I asked Wayne to join me here on Literate Housewife. I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I did. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to his work, […]

Interview with Anthony Breznican & Brutal Youth Giveaway

Last month I read and reviewed Brutal Youth by Anthony Breznican, a book that really hit me in that tender little patch that remains my teenage heart. I loved and adored this novel for its honest portrayal of the challenges of high school that never really leave you no matter how long it’s been since […]

Of Pioneers and New Frontiers ~ A Chat with Kelly O’Connor McNees

Literate Housewife: Thanks so much for stopping by, Kelly! We’re always happy to have you here. Your new novel is about American mail-order brides. Where did you get your inspiration? Kelly O’Connor McNees: I have been thinking about this as an idea for a novel for a  long time, probably since I read Sarah Plain […]

Interview with Johnny Heller and Jo Anna Perrin

Yesterday I reviewed You Lost Me There by Rosecrans Baldwin. While I was reading about how Victor and Sara’s relationship was stripped bare, I wondered what the experience of narrating was like for real-life couple Johnny Heller and Jo Anna Perrin. I was so happy when they agreed to speak with me about their experiences […]

The Spy Who Called Me

If you had told me the evening I geeked out after receiving a tweet from Simon Vance that I would one day talk to him rather calmly on the phone, I probably would have looked at you like your hair was on fire. My hands were trembling as I typed up questions for an email […]

BBAW Interview Adam from Roof Beam Reader

As I mentioned yesterday, I had no idea how much time or energy I would have when BBAW rolled around. When the call for interview partners was sent out, I didn’t sign up. As it happens, Adam from Roof Beam Reader was without an interview partner and I was in the right place at the […]

Audiobook Interview with Brain Candy Book Reviews

If there is anything more I like than listening to audiobooks, it’s talking about audiobooks with others. So, when Jen announced Audiobook Week, I asked a few of the most influential audiobook lovers I know to see if they’d like to have a little chat. I couldn’t be happier when they agreed. Today my interview […]

Audiobook Interview with Grover Gardner and Tanya Perez

When Jen announced this year’s Audiobook Week, I immediately knew one thing: I would use it to learn more about the audiobook industry. I love audiobooks, but my knowledge of how a book made it from print to audio was minimal. As I became a more vocal advocate of audiobooks on Twitter, I started following […]