In Praise of BookRiot’s Quarterly Box

This is the post I should have written in December when I received the very first Quarterly Box from Book Riot. They put this together through the Quarterly website. I had no idea that this was a thing. The concept is that you subscriber to a company’s quarterly subscription and every three months you get […]

2013 ~ Focus on MyFutureSelf

In 2013 I’m breaking a bad habit. I’m not making any resolutions. Instead, I’m going to change my focus, very similar to the advice Xe gave. There are three areas that need my attention. I have more of a plan in some areas than in others, but there’s no need to have everything figured out […]

Convergence ~ When Books, Music, and Life Come Together

I suppose as humans beings mature reach major milestones, they may become more inclined to reflect on their lives. As 40 approaches, that’s certainly become more and more true for me. I don’t want to dread the inevitable. I know it’s simply a waste of energy. It cheats one from enjoying the present. The present, […]

#readingfreude or Jennifer Comes to Jesus

As a book blogger, I have been out of commission pretty much since #franzenfreude hit the fans. I’ve read some tweets and random articles about the brouhaha while I’ve been absent, but by no means have I kept up to date with ruckus. What I’ve read a couple of weeks ago changes my perspective. In […]

The Sunday Salon ~ October Frenzy

My kids are driving me to drink this weekend! Emma had a sleep over Friday night with one of her after school friends.  Danny and I were sure to do something special with Allison because she cried so hard when she realized that she was not invited.  Allison enjoyed her solo trip with Mom and […]

Six Things I Love

I was tagged by Lorin of Arch Thinking to take part in this theme.   An appropriate topic since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Thanks for tagging me, Lorin! The rules for the tag are simple. Link to the person who has tagged you. Write down six things that make you happy. Post the […]

Nothing Compares to U

Trish led me to Sizzle Says, a great new blog to me (thanks Trish). One of her recent posts listed 10 things she loved that begin with the letter R.  It’s a really fun meme, especially if you follow everyone’s posts afterward.  If you want to join in, leave a comment and you get assigned […]

Booking Through Thursday ~ Turned Off, Turned On

Suggested by Simon Thomas: Have you ever been put off an author’s books after reading a biography of them? Or the reverse – a biography has made you love an author more? Great question, Simon!  I can’t say that I’ve ever been turned off by an author based upon something I’ve read about him or her.  […]

Hollywood Book Club ~ The Cure for Your Post-Divorce Blues

I ran across an article on oneIndia about Gwyneth Paltrow’s advise to her pal Madonna about coping with her post-divorce blues ~ start a book club.  The article is short, so here is a screenshot (click on the link above to go to the actual article): What I find interesting about this article other than […]

Just Call Me High Roller

I am in Las Vegas this week for a health care related conference at Caesers Palace.  This is my third trip to Sin City in the last 2 and a half years.  My last visit, you may recall, was in June.  Every time I’ve come here, I’ve wanted to go to downtown Las Vegas to […]