#78 ~ Songs for the Missing

Songs for the Missing by Stewart O’Nan This novel tells the story of a family, a group of friends, and a small town that comes to grips with the disappearance of Kim Larsen, a vivacious and popular recent graduate preparing to leave her home in the Midwest for college. One evening she disappears on the […]

#47 ~ Without a Map

Without a Map: A Memoir by Meredith Hall I am angry. Correction. I am pissed. Really, I’m f*cking pissed off after reading this book. I am angry and hurt for Meredith in specific and for all women in general. That one woman should have lived through a teenage pregnancy is horrific to me. That this […]

#41 ~ The Monsters of Templeton

The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff There is something spectacular about a book whose first line lures you into its spell like a siphon and never lets you go. In my 36 years of reading, there has only been two books whose first lines I’ve memorized and cannot forget: “Call me Ishmael.” Moby Dick […]

Raising Children Is Like…

Being pecked to death by a chicken.   I went to a craft show over the weekend and saw a hand-painted sign that said that. Given how things went over the rest of the weekend, all I can say is, “How true. How very true.” 🙂 I hope you are all having a happy Monday!

Why I Read

My youngest daughter, Allison, is a girl who loves to laugh and play, tease and be teased. Her personality in that respect is very much like my Dad’s family. She also has a powerful and long-lasting temper. This past June we took a three-hour trip to see Emma’s maternal first family. One that way back, […]

Postponed – Fiction Friday Installment

I am feeling particularly unmotivated today.  I didn’t even think about it last night.  I know that it is Fiction Friday, but I have nothing at this point.  What I have learned is not to leave the writing until Thursday night.  I will post my Fiction Friday for this week at some point this weekend. […]

#29 ~ The Way The Crow Flies

The Way the Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald When you sit down to read a book over 800 pages, you know that you’ve committed to a very detailed story. When you’ve challenged yourself to finish every book come hell or high water, that commitment can be very daunting. Thankfully, The Way the Crow Flies by […]

When Encouraging Reading Brings Up Parenting Issues

I love to read and hope that one day my daughters will as well.  While reading to them this weekend, I encounter text that negatively mentioned adoption.  My oldest daughter was domestically adopted at birth.  Here is what happened to me over the weekend…  Every Saturday morning we have a young woman come to the house to […]