Thursday’s Thoughts ~ What I Would Study

When I finished grad school back when 1999 wasn’t history, I swore I would never – EVER – go back to school.  I was tired of papers, classes, exams, forced reading of textbooks, etc…  This week’s Thursday’s Thoughts topic is like kismit with it’s timing, though.  For the first time in 10 years, I really […]

Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Early Childhood Memories

What are your earliest childhood memories?  How old were you at the time? Why do you think those memories are what stayed?  How are those memories important to you? This week is my question and I’m so excited!  I am always curious to hear about other people’s earliest childhood memories.  If you are too, here’s […]

Thursday’s Thoughts ~ What Grabs Me

Which author’s writing surprised you when you first read their work and what about it grabs you? Today’s question is brought to us by our wonderful Serena at Savvy Wit & Verse.  Great question, Serena!  As I did last week, I’m going with the first answer that came to mind ~ Margaret Mitchell. Although I […]

Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Shaping History

Welcome to my very first Thursday’s Thoughts post!  I happened upon it this morning when I saw Sheri’s post about the Blogging Connections.  I found it very inspiring.  If you haven’t already read it, head over there – but only after you’ve read this, first. LOL! I like the idea of Thursday’s Thoughts because it […]