Get Out the Vote!

Cover of The Gargoyle Ever since reading The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, I’ve been a big fan.  A big enough fan that I could not keep silent when Entertainment Weekly, my celeb mag of choice, trashed it. Since then, I’ve had that great good fortune to be in contact with Andrew’s mother.  I don’t think […]

Call Me 37 Today

Well, the day has finally arrived and I can no longer say that I am 36.  Well, I was born at around 9:50pm, so I could wait to say I’m 37 until tonight, but that’s being a little ridiculous (although if you agree with the whole date and time thing,  you’ll make me exceedingly happy […]

That’s More Like It!

Over the weekend my opinion of book reviewers (and those who talk about book bloggers as if they know us) in the mainstream media was trounced.  How someone could actually read The Gargoyle and then simply dismiss it so flippantly completely floors me.  If you did not like the book, it still deserves more than […]

EW Slams Andrew Davidson and The Gargoyle

My weekly copy of Entertainment Weekly arrived in the mail today. Per usual when there isn’t an article by Stephen King (I absolutely love his monthly articles!), I went straight to the back to the book review section. I instantly smiled when I saw a picture of Andrew Davidson along with the review of The […]

#88 ~ The Gargoyle

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson Death often brings about new life. After his near fatal car crash that left him permanently disfigured and emasculated by a significant amount of 3rd degree burns, the unnamed narrator of this novel spent a great deal of his lengthy hospital stay planning his eventual suicide. His life as a […]