I’m Listening Outside of the Box, Let’s #JIAM!

Hooray! I am so happy it’s June! If you could see me (please pretend I’m wearing something glamorous instead of the pjs I’m actually wearing), I’d be jumping up and down with excitement. I love audiobooks! There is one aspect of audiobooks that keeps coming to mind. It’s how the world of audiobooks has created […]

Interview with an Audiobook Lover ~ Beth Fish Reads

If there is anything more I like than listening to audiobooks, it’s talking about audiobooks with others. So, when Jen announced Audiobook Week, I asked a few of the most influential audiobook lovers I know to see if they’d like to have a little chat. I couldn’t be happier when they agreed. Today my Audiobook […]

Audiobook Week ~ Day 2 ~ Do You Like Sound Effects?

The first thing that came to mind when I read about this topic for today was the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess. I decided to run with that. In homage* to Dr. Suess and with a twist, here is my opinion about sound effects in audiobooks: Green Eggs and Sound Effects Do […]

Audiobook Week ~ Day 1 ~ Me, Myself and Audiobooks

Before I get started with this first post of Audiobook Week, I want to take a moment to thank Jen from Devourer of Books for hosting this event. This is my second year participating and I owe my love of audiobooks in no small part to her love of audiobooks. When you respect and trust […]

Audiobook Week Meme

Now that I’m fully prepared for both my posts for tomorrow, I’ve actually got time to get today’s Audibooks Week daily topic in before the midnight deadline Central time (advantage me, living in EST!).  Here goes: Audiobook are you currently reading/you read most recently:  As you will see tomorrow, Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. Impressions?: I’m enjoying […]

Audiobooks and Reviewing

Today, Jen at Devourer of Books suggested that we write about how we review audiobooks. I’ve had to think about this topic because I can’t honestly say that I approach an audiobook any differently than I would a print book.  I will point out that I read them via audio and will discuss the narrator. […]

Why Audiobooks?

Welcome to Audiboook Week here at The Literate Housewife Review!  I want to start the week by thanking Jen from Devourer of Books for hosting this event.  There’s a lot going on this week, so be sure to head over to her sight for full coverage.  I will be posting more often this week as […]