Thoughts From a Blogging Life

So I had a nice little blogging jag going on there in April. I posted 4 or 5 times a week leading up until my short trip to Grand Rapids. I was walking around feeling satisfied, like Lloyd Dobbler before Diane Court gave him a pen. Then Grand Rapids happened. For one reason or another, […]

Convergence ~ When Books, Music, and Life Come Together

I suppose as humans beings mature reach major milestones, they may become more inclined to reflect on their lives. As 40 approaches, that’s certainly become more and more true for me. I don’t want to dread the inevitable. I know it’s simply a waste of energy. It cheats one from enjoying the present. The present, […]

A Reawakening to Music

There was a time in my life when music meant everything. It was vital. Although I can’t sing a note on key or understand anything about how it’s made, music spoke to me, for me, and about my experiences like nothing else.  Around the time I became a mother, however, my interest in music started […]