#139 Tomato Girl

Tomato Girl by Jayne Pupek During Nanowrimo 2008, Karen Harrington posted an article that Janet Finch wrote to encourage participants, “Dear Author – ‘Make Trouble for Your Characters.’ ”  Jayne Pupek did just that for Ellie Sanders, an adolescent girl growing up in a home with a mentally ill mother.  Ultimately, she is the one […]

#137 ~ The Sinner’s Guide to Confession

The Sinner’s Guide to Confession by Phyllis Schieber Kaye, Barbara, and Ellen are women whose friendships came together came together as adults and has remained and solidified as they grew older. Kaye and Barbara have grown children they love. Ellen, who married later in adulthood, tried unsuccessfully to conceive with her husband, Bill. Her attempts […]

#89 ~ 37

37 by Maria Beaumont As someone whose 37th birthday is quickly approaching, I could not turn down the opportunity to read this novel by Maria Beaumont. It chronicles the approaching midlife of Fran Clark, a talented former voice over actress living in London.  Fran left acting 10 years earlier when she started her family with […]